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  • (Quote) - (Quote) Kali has gotten very bloated. That's why in their latest release they also did a cleanup of the packages included. ParrotOS is nice because you can easily install a package-group specific for pentesting, web, forensics, mobile, ..…
  • (Quote) I'm pretty sure you'll find the direction you're supposed to dig in these 8 pages. Based on an IP, what information could you dig up? Usually you do the reverse
  • @VbScrub said: (Quote) Since I have no experience reversing EXE's, I was wondering whether you give me an additional hint on this. Do I need to decompile the EXE to try a similar tactic as earlier, or am I supposed to enum further first? Also, any…
    in Nest Comment by FlatMarsSociet May 10
  • Type your comment> @roowashere said: (Quote) It's not because you can, that you really need to. Sometimes people get stuck looking for a way to get a revshell, while everything they need is right in from of them
  • @GokuBlackSSR said: (Quote) https://dotnetfiddle.net/
    in Nest Comment by FlatMarsSociet May 10
  • Got what looked like the tool using a fairly basic command (once you know where to look). Had to roll it a bit to make it more readable. However, I'm either making typos, or missing something here.
  • Type your comment> @nitinrkz said: (Quote) Nobody says you're supposed to get a revshell
  • So * Found out how to view the response * Found a method to do some conversions and decoded it * Got the result * I'm sending the result back * Now I just getting a bunch of numbers (recv()) or nothing at all (recvall())?! Output of my script (red…
  • (Quote) I think my post 3 posts above yours might give you a hint. In return, you could perhaps give me a hint on how to get over my issue? ;)
  • So I'm working on #8, skipping #6 and #7 for the moment. For this, I found that the publicly accessible port gives me some information, but I can't seem to find a method to extract the exact info I need. I thought it might be useful to connect to a…
  • Did you get the correct Connection Pack? If you tried machines before, you probably need to switch to Starting Point. Have a look at the Access page.
  • Am I correct that you need to do Overflown before you can do Secret Message? I'm able to find the points of entry for 6, 8 (kinda), 9, 10, 11 but can't find where to start 7. I'm pretty sure I know what type of attack I need to do to beat Overflown…
  • Type your comment> @idevilkz said: (Quote) Check the levels and start with the first one. You'll need to do at least 1-5 in order before you can do 6+. As with most CTFs, the name of the challenge might give you a hint at where to look.
  • Type your comment> @AnonRyuk said: (Quote) I found that one, which lead to me where I found Flag 4, however still having issues finding Flag 3. Any nudges, PM maybe? EDIT: nvm, didn't follow the source
  • Type your comment> @FlatMarsSociet said: (Quote) Seems to work once you reach "hacker" status. (or someone worked on a fixed) (Image) However, the static badge still won't load on my website: https://sequr.be/about/
  • Type your comment> @FlatMarsSociet said: (Quote) For some reason mine stays blank :(
  • Nice box @Xh4H! foothold: the info you need is there, don't be afraid to Google something user: > @alalno said: (Quote) As others have said, you don't need to upload anything. Someone may have already left something behind?
  • So I used IBM Watson and Mozilla DeepSpeech but in the end decided to just do it by ear (VLC and sloooow playback). Got the numbers Tested a script at https://ide.geeksforgeeks.org/ Got 2 resulting numbers Now what?
  • Type your comment> @Oliba said: (Quote) The info you need for the foothold is on the page. Perhaps check more that what is immediately visible. Basic OSINT starts with some Google'ing.
  • It would be nice if people would stop putting stuff in the user's home folder. Please use /tmp or /dev/shm people!
  • @VbScrub Is the system under heavy load on eu-free-1? I keep getting timeouts, even for a simple directory listing via ***client on the common port
  • Type your comment> @TazWake said: (Quote) Found it, thanks. Was enuming that service, but apparently made a typo in my initial scan and failed to retry -.-'
  • I feel like an idiot for having to ask this I found the high port and connected to it using an plain-text protocol like netcat but more Windows like (works from a Linux box). I found that you can run certain commands and that you're not restricted …
  • Are you guys using a linux or a Windows attack box?
  • Type your comment> @Bl4ckB0y said: (Quote) I often can't even connect to the box.
  • Type your comment> @TazWake said: (Quote) Try using a different cracking tool You may need to first change the format of what you discovered so it fits the tool better
  • Type your comment> @Crafty said: (Quote) Thanks for this one! Finding the best method to retrieve the password was the hardest part. Tried to Google OCR solutions, but this was taking me way to far. Decided to go back to the basics and think ab…
  • Type your comment> @k4wld said: (Quote) Contacted EC-Council as well. Took some time before they understood I was talking about HTB labs and not a conference. Got the following response: (Quote)
  • Mine always seems to break :( See screenshot (Image)

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