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  • User and "root" went fine, now where is this damn flag!? Scanned trough all files looking for md5 patterns using grep, still no pony. Feel free to PM me , need a nudge!
    in Chainsaw Comment by Flangvik June 2019
  • Type your comment> @MinatoTW said: (Quote) Anyone wanna PM me a nudge for this, i can create sublist no problem. But intelligently ? based on what? EDIT: Did manage to crack the pw, just took time..
    in Arkham Comment by Flangvik April 2019
  • This box is great, learned a TON from this one. User hints: There is only one file to find, everything you need is in that file, google and research the syntax CLOSLY to avoid spending hours (Like i did), once you get in look for a way to capture t…
    in Querier Comment by Flangvik March 2019
  • Having trouble getting an initial foothold, enumerated some API endpoints but can't seem to get anything from it? Dead end? Also
    in Querier Comment by Flangvik March 2019
  • My summary of this box is rather straight forward, user is stupid easy and is all u need to find the creds needed to access the Web Interface. A tips is to make sure you are seeing it all, look for interesting files and consider that the creds found…
    in Netmon Comment by Flangvik March 2019
  • Love video the walkthroughs but you really need to get a new mic, this one almost kills ears man.
  • this needs to comment, see the above URL. Gave me a good laugh tho!
  • That /admin made my shit myself..
    in FluJab Comment by Flangvik January 2019
  • So i got "default" access to the intra panel, did S** I******** , got hashed creds. Started cracking, this is gonna take way to long.. Read the board messages, and is now looking to find what i believe is two other panels. That i believe s…
  • I know how to execute what i want over the J*** A**, but i cannot for the love of god find this spelling mistake everyone is talking about, that "gave up" the admin user creds.
    in Zipper Comment by Flangvik January 2019
  • Output from steg makes zero sense to me, is not an user, so it must be the PW. But it isnt? i think iv tried all users on the system.....
    in Irked Comment by Flangvik January 2019
  • Anyone wanna PM me a hint for the initial access vector? Drupal seems to be a rabbit hole
    in Hawk Comment by Flangvik September 2018
  • The information provided from "Athena" renders me clueless, what is this combination of integers suppose to mean? I'm assuming it's some old communication protocol. EDIT ROOTED This box is really a ride, can't really decide with myself …

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