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  • Type your comment> @d0n601 said: I'm trying to pivot to the k*****a user using the CVE but I'm stuck on {"statusCode":400,"error":"Bad Request","message":"\"a**s\" is a required param."} Can anyone PM me with a nudge on this? …
    in Haystack Comment by EthicalHCOP August 3
  • stucked on the f****g a-t u***** any help ?
  • got user. i'm working on root ! PM for user hints !
    in Bastion Comment by EthicalHCOP May 18
  • Type your comment> @halfluke said: Type your comment> @EthicalHCOP said: Hi, some hint to begin ? i not sure if i have some interesting thing read the whole thread first if you haven't done so yes, …
    in Fortune Comment by EthicalHCOP April 22
  • Hi, some hint to begin ? i not sure if i have some interesting thing
    in Fortune Comment by EthicalHCOP April 22
  • Hi guys, Some hint to start ?? i was playing with the QR and G-Auth but i don't found anything !
  • Type your comment> @pzylence said: stuck on dashboard, any hint ? Brazilian dance yes, but i'm no allowed to navigate to another paths !
  • stuck on dashboard, any hint ?
  • Type your comment> @bl4sph3m said: Rooted Chaos!! Thanks to @EthicalHCOP and @B0rN2R00T for the valuable hints!! If you want some hints i could return the favor you're welcome bro !
    in Chaos Comment by EthicalHCOP February 11
  • any hint ?? i found this "http://*****.*/J00_****_f1_******_H3**" some idea ? UPDATE: was missing the /***/***** file any hint about RCE ?
    in Chaos Comment by EthicalHCOP February 2
  • pm me nill
  • hey que buena idea ! seria genial seguir haciendo estas discusiones tambien en español ! como van cabros, pm para hints!
  • @dneyed said: @dneyed said: I have followed the video and read the whole page getting as evil as I can, but nothing seams to cause even the simplest RCE. Anybody please give me a small shove in the right direction? Thx Ed…
  • yyeeeeii ! finally root , interesant way to get root ! thank you. type me for hints
  • i'm still stucked in the login ! just got errors and more errors !
  • @Frey said: On my next format i will install Parrot Os maybe, i think it's better than kali. yes i use parrot it's better than kali @CLAR said: Hello HTB I want to run Kali as my main driver to test VM's and more and to ge…
  • jajaj lol someone can give me any hint with the s**i ?? i'm crashing the server with my commands !
  • guys. i own teacher. someone wish t socialice it ?
    in Teacher Comment by EthicalHCOP January 5
  • WTF ? i don't have permitions to open /home/gio but i can to read the root.txt ?? seriously ? ignore it ! the server was breaked ! Update: finally, got user. UPDATEEEE: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAH, I'm ROOOOOOTTTT jajja sorry by …
    in Teacher Comment by EthicalHCOP January 4
  • finally rooted. pm for hints !
  • Hi, tnk you for reply. ok I will contact them. uhmm. suppose that I want to change my currect university . So , in htb i need to change the old university for the new university but this don't exist in the list ! how can i create it ? In m…
  • Finally I got User, PM for hints. And can Someone Hint me about Root ? I'm on the A****-***A but i dont see what to do !
  • Hi guys, can someone hint me? I found the pb file but i'm stuck deciphering, someone can PM me ? I got User. Thank you Marvin for you hint !
  • WTF ? WARNING: Failed to daemonise. This is quite common and not fatal. Connection refused (111) in my browser ! edit: works now
  • @Urmine said: @darkcyber said: @Urmine said: Hey, Been working on privescing for some time now, I think I'm close but I get syntax errors for r**** which I do not understand. Could someone give me a hand …
  • i'm on the correct way ? I found the I** service , i'm trying to exploit it! I'm trying it with msf and 41****.**
  • Hi guys. I got the user but i have problems getting the root. I got some L*** info with i******t but i don't know what is the next step. Can someone hint me about this ? I will be very grateful.
  • i've got the user but i can't be able to get the root , and RunAs doesn't help me so much ! some idea ?

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