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  • Just to confirm... Bruteforcing the hash is not the way to go, isn't it?
  • Type your comment> @dreamertr said: (Quote) Where can I find the exact libc version? I installed Ubutu 16.04.2 TLS but when I execute md5sum I got a different hash. I have downloaded several versions of and I get different addresses…
  • I'm stuck here too... any hint on how to start this challenge? Type your comment> @Xentropy said: > I have absolutely no clue how to even begin tackling this. First thought it was bytecode, then shellcode, then thought it was a bootloader.…
  • Type your comment> @clubby789 said: (Quote) Same here.... I dont know why.
  • Rooted. Good box, learned several things. Thanks @L4mpje I'm interested if anyone can do it without a windows machine... only from linux.
    in Bastion Comment by Esplendini May 2019
  • Is it possible to get root from Kali linux?
    in Bastion Comment by Esplendini April 2019
  • Type your comment> @halfluke said: > Any idea why hashcat stays at 0.0% even with a short wordlist? It happened to me too, but it is trying words. I think it processes the wordlist in batches of hundreds of words and it takes a lot of time…
    in Arkham Comment by Esplendini April 2019
  • Can anybody help me with sftp tunneling syntax? I tried it for two hours with no success
  • Hi... I think I need help on how to intelligently make a subset of "rockyou" wordlist. I've tried to create shorter ones with no luck at all.
    in Arkham Comment by Esplendini April 2019
  • Can anyone point me to the right direction? I have creds, user and password, and also a cert and other strange files. What's next? I don't know what to do with all these things. I need help.
  • Hi, I've install the client in my kali box, the strong one. I've tried multiple configurations in the file i****.c**f but I always get the same result. All I can see in Wireshark is that a packet is sent but I never receive a response. Is it a prob…
  • I have a shell but cannot read user.txt. Any hints? Stuck here for two days already. I have enumerated many times and cannot find a way to become user g*******

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