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  • Rooted in the end after stepping over the clue a few times. Thanks @gs4l for the nudge. It's a nice box @ChefByzen
  • @yaagn said: (Quote) I don't think that was the intended way as it bypasses the decryption of another file in the user folder which contains information to move forward.
  • @gs4l said: (Quote) Finding the exploit wasn't too bad. Some of the information from the initial enumeration of the box, and entered into google, gave me what I needed.
  • Nice box in the end. Learnt a few new tricks from this.
  • Rooted here. Had to close firefox or clear web cache to continue forward. It's a fun box though.
  • Liked this box in the end. Found it easy until I got stuck at a brick wall. In the end I needed to be a little more observant to see the differences to find the right page. Once you find the right syntax for the traditional attack, and then a bit of…
  • This turned out to be a fun box. Frustrating at times, but I've learnt a few new things from this. Root was quite a bit of trial and error for me. As always the box does provide a clue.
  • Learnt quite a bit from this. Spent a few hours thinking the root flag was encrypted as it wasn't accepted when inputted into HTB. A system reboot fixed that.
  • A tricky box, but learnt new things from it. Enum is great, just avoid rabbit holes and read carefully for hints. Google-fu for exploits, if needed, and you'll have root in no time... Sadly it took me a bit of time though.
    in Admirer Comment by DeSun July 2020
  • This was a nice and quick box to work on. Google-fu, history, and peas helped me to escalate my way to root.
    in Traceback Comment by DeSun July 2020
  • Learnt some new techniques from this. Also I now have a 15GB wordlist to use in the future, if the popular one fails. This box was trickier than I expected, but I really liked it.
  • Type your comment> @TazWake said: (Quote) Thanks Taz. Found out what my issue was and swiftly made it to Root... after many more hours of wondering why certain commands wasn't working.
  • A tad stuck here. I have user and pass, but unable to find a way to log in at the moment. The obvious way to connect is giving me permission denied (publickey). Am I on the right track or should I be looking for a alternative way?
  • Working towards root myself. I guess I'm missing a part of enumeration. Foothold wasn't too bad. I should remember it's quite common to provide new users with temporary business type formatted passwords.

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