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  • I am currently stuck at a location, after s**p access, and I have enumerated what I believe to be my path to gaining a user shell but it is not acting the way I understand. I have done a good bit of research and found myself running in a circle now.…
  • (Quote) Well I feel silly because I was on the right track and others PMing made me realize that I was using the correct decoding method, the script I was using just wasn't properly decoding the copied text. Had to modify the text a little.
  • Could anyone PM me? I know I have to be special or something. I can see the beginning of the key (---BEING...) but not the rest when converting from the encoding I originally found the key in, to the readable format. What am I missing......
  • Could someone please PM me? I have made it pretty far minus the shell. Based on limited details in comments, I should def. have a shell. Without giving to much away, I have the account needed to access the box initially and the ability to deploy any…
    in Jerry Comment by D3favltx90 July 2018
  • I was able to get the root flag by modifying an exploit. Unfortunately I got root for only a short time. I modified the exploit to dump the contents. This is not giving me an actual elevated prompt. I have been digging around the system for almost t…
    in Bashed Comment by D3favltx90 April 2018

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