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  • if you are using a proxy to test your results it will slow you down enough to fail the challenge
  • Type your comment> @initinfosec said: (Quote) I think the people that say it is right in front of you are a little off the mark. Yes it is on the path of one of the locations you should find fairly easily, but if you guess it you made one hell…
  • Type your comment> @TU0K said: (Quote) I would be willing to wager someone enabled the option that made the uncredentialed script to work. That was the way I got it
    in Multimaster Comment by CyberG33k May 29
  • Type your comment> @ellj said: (Quote) If you look at the code , and you did enough enumeration to understand what tables you want, you can modify the metasploit module to only download the table you want. You should be able to figure it out a…
    in Cache Comment by CyberG33k May 12
  • Type your comment> @lebutter said: (Quote) The one that gets you the shell is. The one that gets you the details is in Metasploit but i would not use it. It is painfully slow
    in Cache Comment by CyberG33k May 12
  • (Quote) I am going to chalk this up to working from home and not giving this 100% attention. But I spent over an hour looking for the lateral move before I figured out it was literally the very first thing I found
    in Cache Comment by CyberG33k May 11
  • Is anyone having trouble with the first exploit after the foothold. It takes FOREVER to run and all of the data is blank. I had to modify the exploit to target exactly the data I want before it would return anything
    in Cache Comment by CyberG33k May 11
  • OK, I was able to get root, but only because one of the tips lead me to the right service. My question is this.... can someone explain how I would have zeroed in on that service in the first place. I checked the service path and there is nothing…
    in Remote Comment by CyberG33k May 9
  • Spoiler Removed
    in Admirer Comment by CyberG33k May 5
  • The thing that surprised me.... took a look through all of the default wordlists. It is surprising how many of them have the word that is needed to solve this . I should have had this done ages ago if i were a little more methodical
    in Admirer Comment by CyberG33k May 4
  • There is a cleanup script that runs often, but you should definitely have time to transfer tools and payloads and execute before it runs
    in ServMon Comment by CyberG33k May 4

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