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  • Just like to say thanks for a fun and challenging box
  • I find this very disappointing , as others have commented reading the write ups is one of the first things I like to do when I have rooted a box :unamused: it is a great learning tool. Waiting months to do this.... having to go back when things are …
  • (Quote) Traverexec surely? :)
  • Type your comment> @z3r0shred said: (Quote) further to this I would recommend when you are starting to slow the videos down by 25% in the you tube player and use the pause button a lot, making notes and more importantly trying the things he does…
  • Type your comment> @CurioCT said: (Quote) in case anyone is seeing this same annoyance it is fixed by updating the ntlm gem gem install rubyntlm :D thanks for this fantastic script
  • Type your comment> @baltazzar said: (Quote) personally I am wondering if he takes requests .... I'd love to see him do a series on bin ex :D be it from beginner to ROPE / Player 2 root.... level running through all the tools, he flashes throug…
  • Type your comment> @f00l8r1t3 said: > I'm not down with OTP. Yeah know me!
  • WOW what a ride ...... thank you
    in Player Comment by CurioCT December 2019
  • Type your comment> @Abdelwahed said: (Quote) look at the script and what it's doing...... saying much more is not really possible
  • Wow @c1cada just seen the way you got something, how long did that take? with ry?
  • Type your comment> @stoffern said: (Quote) the usual tools run within a VM will crack them in a few seconds in your VM if done properly no need for high end GPU's or anything
  • Finally finished this one thanks for the great box @thek
    in Registry Comment by CurioCT October 2019
  • Well I enjoyed this box and have rated accordingly thanks to the creator
    in Wall Comment by CurioCT September 2019
  • Type your comment> @mavericks13 said: (Quote) pretty sure I have the problem nailed down to one line near the bottom of the second exploit but I am struggling to figure the correct syntax. I'm told its something small but not sussed it yet
  • did anyone use both the m*****o exploits having a little trouble with debugging the second one as my python really isnt upt to scratch yet. Did anyone go this route?
  • one extra space character cost me several hours in my bash script :( but got there in the end :smile:
  • are there fake flags or am I doing something wrong on entering it? EDIT: scratch that clocked it :)
  • finally got there and ranked up :)
    in Jarvis Comment by CurioCT August 2019
  • Type your comment> @CurioCT said: (Quote) Well I figured it!!!!!!!!!!!! :) All i can say is F*****G FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! :smile: :smile: :smile: That's supposed to be an easy one? think I might be well out of my depth
    in Haystack Comment by CurioCT August 2019
  • think I am finally on the last stage found the three files * pretty sure I create a file at /**/k*****/l*******_ * But this needs to be processed first right through "***k"? found the pages and the d******r am I close or down yet a…
    in Haystack Comment by CurioCT August 2019
  • (Quote) oh and I would look at a few youtube channels @ippsec for example some great learning to be had
  • Type your comment> @Un1k0d3r said: (Quote) I agree with this plus my observation would be there are many 'puzzles' here that are not so much to do with pentesting / hacking as solving the puzzle whilst I got a few flags I decided to take a step …
  • Type your comment> @farbs said: > Type your comment> @adam12 said: > > @Uvemode search Gtihub. You'll find one. > > > > > > Depending on your syntax, you can actually do it all without the…
    in Haystack Comment by CurioCT August 2019
  • OK well I have been down rabbit holes for ages now some of my own making where I thought I had way more user names than I actually did due to misreading an output. Collected and cracked the three pw's in the first hour and patted myself on the back…
    in Heist Comment by CurioCT August 2019
  • Type your comment> @el3ctr0 said: (Quote) This was the same for me but from the output there is a clear field you can use for both the search query and to test the limits I was too impatient with the bash syntax and ended up copy and pasting lo…
    in Haystack Comment by CurioCT August 2019
  • Any idea what's wrong with my Ruby install. Had this message using your script and the other one in mentioned in the heist thread /usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/net/ntlm/client/session.rb:39: warning: constant OpenSSL::Cipher::Cipher is deprecated /u…
  • I seem to have a ruby issue any one know how to fix /usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/net/ntlm/client/session.rb:39: warning: constant OpenSSL::Cipher::Cipher is deprecated /usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/net/ntlm/client/session.rb:128: warning: constant OpenSSL…
    in Heist Comment by CurioCT August 2019
  • Type your comment> @0x00f said: (Quote) have a look at the help, the output of the command you may need to force the issue!
    in Writeup Comment by CurioCT August 2019

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