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  • Learned a hell lot from this box. If anyone needs help, pm me on netsecfocus mattermost or discord. I'm cristi on both servers. I most likely wont reply here because I rarely stay on the forums.
    in Conceal Comment by Cristi February 11
  • Let's set up a meetup point - folks who will be there for the entire week - say on Saturday someplacE?
  • Try reset the machine and see if it works.
  • Thanks @CodeRed7 !
  • This is was a challenging one. Managed to get through. I'd also like to thank @dm0n for this. Man, hope to see you building other interesting boxes. Cheers!
    in Falafel Comment by Cristi April 2018
  • Getting to user was learning about a widespread vulnerability, getting to root was learning (with help) about another vulnerability within a framework. So to pay it forward, you can pm here or on mattermost for nudges. I'd prefer mm as it's more int…
  • I finished it a couple of days ago so if you need nudge, hit me up on mattermost.
    in Silo Comment by Cristi April 2018
  • Good luck!
    in Bashed Comment by Cristi April 2018
  • @sh4cl0n3hack said: I need help uploading the webshell and reverse shell I got an error, I know the trick to resolve this CTF but I need help I dont know what its not working!! I would apreciate You can message me if you still nee…
    in Bashed Comment by Cristi April 2018
  • The answer is easier than you think. I was stuck at this point for a couple of hours. Enumerate your home better and it'll give you insight into a vector you might apply, then you'll figure a way to copy files between folders. I guess that's the mos…
  • If you guys need help with this, you can message me. I learned a lot from this one, especially when it comes to privesc.
    in Jeeves Comment by Cristi April 2018
  • Also got the root. Getting the user was the tricky part. After that, root is super easy. If you need help, you can pm me.
  • I will just do that. Probably start with Lame. Thank you!
  • @binzahur said: any way to determine file type of un compressed file? Any hint pls. You'll probably figure out once you do more enumeration and put together 2 pieces of information. However, you're on the right track. I also got stuck at …
    in Poison Comment by Cristi March 2018

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