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  • got the second user r***, and know that he is in d******n g****p. I also made the payload with the poison, shared it via s*** to the host, done the "dn****d .." command part and after that the restart, but got no reverse shell. also tried …
    in Resolute Comment by Cooper24 May 2020
  • stuck on the user for almost 3 days now. found the /~d****/ location, tried to access it via different tools, but doesn' t seems to work. i also studied the man to the service running and stared at the config file as long as i never stared at a co…
    in Traverxec Comment by Cooper24 April 2020
  • Finally Rooted :D took some time, but first box rooted.. on to the next one!
    in OpenAdmin Comment by Cooper24 March 2020
  • is it possible to get the special key for user j****a without using john? and could someone please DM me why the c**l command does work for the m***.php file?
    in OpenAdmin Comment by Cooper24 March 2020
  • Type your comment> @zgordon96 said: (Quote) nope, that is all correct. the dot is used to be there :) what did you found so far?
  • Got a basic shell with u*****.php, but now im stuck. cant read user.txt, cause i have no rights.. and cant figure it out how to enumerate those box :/ can someone pls give me a very gooooood hint or something.. pm with a little explanation would be …
  • still stuck at the c******* login page. i am very new to this whole hack the box thing, but i was able to find the c******* page :D any hints??
    in Wall Comment by Cooper24 September 2019

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