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  • After 3 days of struggling @0F0Bh and I finally managed to root this one. Hats off to the creators! Thanks to @MariaB for some sanity checks along the way :smile: User: Don't let that WAF scare you too much. Way to root: What are other people do…
  • Finally rooted this one, took me a while to figure out how to get all the file permissions right. Feel free to PM me for hints
  • @Ad0n said: (Quote) Launch another reverse shell that doesn't depend on PHP :smile:
    in Sniper Comment by CodingKoala March 2020
  • Can somebody give me a nudge on where I can upload the initial shell? I have bypassed the first roadblock, exploited a common vulnerability the easy way using s**m*p and can read files from the system. Wherever I try to write a file however, I get…
  • Rooted :smile: Really liked the attack vectors for both user and root, definitely learned something here. Little critique: I always had other people getting in my way, because everybody is trying to exploit exactly the same thing. I do understand…
  • @v0yager said: (Quote) I was facing the exact same problem. Without spoiling: Don't trust your eyes on this one, take another look at the encrypted file in vim. Feel free to PM me if you need another nudge
  • Rooted! I really enjoyed this one, hats off to the machine maker. There are multiple ways to grant yourself access, I found myself connecting through a GUI quite a bit :-)
  • Anybody that could give me a nudge on PrivEsc from the user to root? I already found something that runs every now and then, but I can't figure out how to abuse it. I think it might be a r*** c******** with t** and d*** , but I'm kinda lost here.

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