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  • I am pretty interesting in team.
  • Last part this is how i did it ./fuckin nothing strings fuckin !/bin/bash $1 $2 $3 $4 hmm ok ./fuckin 1 ./fuckin: line 2: 1: command not found ok /fuckin cat /root/root.txt cat: /root/root.txt: Permission denied good sudo fuckin cat /roo…
  • Main os -> Window 10 Attacking Machine -> Kali on vmware
  • Here is my tip --> First scan -> nmap --open --top-ports 100 -sC -sV ip Second Scan -> nmap -p1-100 -sC -sV ip, then -p101-200 and so on [I know these is time consuming but you can write script for this purpose] Third Scan -> nmap -…
  • (Quote) Hahaha you gave a good hint.
    in Shrek Comment by CodeNinja October 2017
  • Best of luck Buddy. I still remember that day when you asked me about HTB how to get in HTB and i gave you a little hint.After that you constantly asked me about how and where to start i told you many things and after that i myself unable to do anyt…
  • First i use normal fast scan -> nmap -F ip Then i use -A option for particular port -> nmap -A -p22,80,443 ip you will get a very good information from that scan
  • Hint -> dirb + google bypass login page
    in Sneaky Comment by CodeNinja October 2017
  • Just one hint -> note architecture and use exploit suggester Thanks
  • After understanding dns enumeration part i got bank.htb and opened it. i also used dirbuster and got many links like index.php but all are redirecting to login.php so i used noredirect addon and i saw plain index.php,support.php i also saw a comman…
  • I am big fan of ippsec. I watchd just 2 videos but really very informative. IPPSEC sir can you please show me path like you learned. Well by the way i have one question how you know we have to use cronos.htb instead of ip address. I am bit stuck…

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