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  • @thrash a machine is retired every week, and a new one is released. They can be seen under the unreleased tab under "Machines", and the box to be retired is the one at the top of the active list afaik.
  • (Quote) same
    in Carrier Comment by Cobaas September 2018
  • For anyone stuck on the initial foothold - remember that TCP isn't the only way to transmit data For anyone stuck on the Priv Esc - i'm in the same boat as you....
    in Carrier Comment by Cobaas September 2018
  • (Quote) still at this point EDIT: Got it :)
    in Carrier Comment by Cobaas September 2018
  • is there something up with one of the flags? I'm copying it in but it says its incorrect..
  • @wshepherd thanks! I'll have a look!
  • @Skunkfoot Thanks for the info, I played around with enum4linux yesterday, and i'll definitely give those other tools a look! Thanks! @jamesa Cheers for the link, I'll have a play with that this evening!
  • hey could someone PM me? I want to check if what I'm doing is correct and just typing it in wrong.. or if im way off - have the hidden first step, trying to get deeper into the woods with it, just not successful yet..
  • Anyone fancy giving me a hand? I think i'm really close! I have a meterpreter session now, just unsure if what i'm doing next is right or not EDIT: I got user - onto root now!
    in NIbbles Comment by Cobaas May 2018

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