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  • (Quote) Congrats on rooting it! I'm glad you were able to learn something about manual enumeration and finding user files :) scripts don't have all the answers... And they'll likely get you caught if you're not careful with them.
  • (Quote) A phenominal hint. If you're still having trouble, refer to this.
  • @CallumJ90 Try resetting the box, might be because of HTBs dynamic flags
  • It's been two days, I had no idea how many people would be trying this within the first week. Well done, everyone
  • Yeah, any interesting tools he finds he puts into his /opt/ folder. I've developed the same strategy, filling up my /opt/linux_privesc/ folder with stuff like,, pspy, highoncoffee, etc. Watch some of his videos, find the cool tools he…
  • I'm so glad to see people have been enjoying the box so far! I've seen some great nudges in this forum. I'm also open to feedback on the machine, so don't be shy. PM me. Here are my cryptic hints!: * Foothold: Bruteforce isn't necessary, just be …
  • (Quote) Maybe bruteforcing isn't the way to go here... :smile:
  • Congratulations to the team usdHeroLab ( for achieving both First Bloods! Great work
  • Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy the box. As always, please refrain from giving out hints until both First Bloods are taken. After that, I will be sharing some hints of my own. At that time, feel free to PM me for nudges! Good luck!
  • @gnothiseauton While I disagree with some of your points, I really appreciate your detailed feedback! Your first point confuses me, as running shelldon displays the help menu (which has a list of every shell option clearly in front of it.) Further…
  • This thread is very helpful, however as someone who's never made a CTF box before, I'm running into some problems and have questions. Is there anyone (preferably a moderator, so that no person is given an unfair advantage on the machine if were to b…
  • Rooted! Thanks @thek for the great machine who's user (then eventually root) got me my Pro Hacker rank! Achievement get! Honestly, this was a good machine to learn enumeration skills. I found this took a lot longer than it should have for me becaus…
    in Registry Comment by ChefByzen March 27
  • Expanding on @d4rk3r 's idea, perhaps they could implement a system such that when you submit your root flag, you then get access to a special hash from HTB that is specific to that machine. It still has the same risks as before, but this way HTB ca…
  • WOW that was fun. Just rooted Sauna, thanks @VbScrub for (another) wonderful introduction to Windows! This is great for teaching Active Directory. These resources here should help everyone immensely.…
    in Sauna Comment by ChefByzen March 22
  • Hey everyone, I just rooted this great box! Aside from the technical issues with a certain filesystem, I really enjoyed this. Thanks @mrb3n for the experience! My hints: User: Go for the low-hanging fruit and brush up on your google-foo. If someth…
    in Remote Comment by ChefByzen March 22
  • Rooted this a while ago, finished writing the report for it. My hints for all: User: Google, use what's in front of you. Then, RTFM. Can't stress this enough, it will be confusing but eventually you'll get it. Root: Standard stuff, everything is in…
    in Traverxec Comment by ChefByzen March 19
  • Hey all! Finished rooting this box a while back, am just now posting here because I feel more comfortable with Windows machines. This (plus Monteverde, Nest, and Forest) personally have been great teaching tools for learning Windows, so thanks to @…
    in Resolute Comment by ChefByzen March 19
  • Recently rooted! The foothold and root was very enjoyable for me. My hints for all you fine people: User: Get creative, read between the lines. Tools weren't really necessary. Finally, try to understand the math behind it all. Root: Very straightfo…
    in Obscurity Comment by ChefByzen March 19
  • Hey all! Just finished rooting this box, thanks Xh4H for the fun machine! My hints: User: Not every webpage is as it appears... try inspecting further into the message left by the creator. Finally, google away! List out your ideas if it helps. Root…
    in Traceback Comment by ChefByzen March 18
  • bang! banging bang! my bang! head bang! against bang! a bang! wall. It was that simple
  • I've finally rooted the box! Special thanks to @0xNoOne for his script! USER: As it's been mentioned here, it's possible to do this box without a Windows VM. Google will help you find a way to mount smb shares to your linux machine! After that, it…
    in Bastion Comment by ChefByzen August 2019
  • test. this really isn't working. (Image)
  • Finally rooted this box! USER: Enumerate every page and every room! Just like in Swagshop, LEARN the tools you're trying to exploit. ROOT: Use some tools and enumerate. Google is your friend. Fairly straightforward. Feel free to PM me for any hint…
    in Jarvis Comment by ChefByzen July 2019
  • I am really stuck trying to get user. If anyone could PM me some help, I'd appreciate it.
    in Jarvis Comment by ChefByzen July 2019
  • I finally rooted this box!!! A special thanks to @Seth70 , as his comment is what led me to actually LEARN the crap I needed for root. PSA to all When doing M*****o C******e, as has been said, if you're using the M*********e F********m p****n, P…
    in Swagshop Comment by ChefByzen July 2019
  • Okay so I finally got it rooted, but I'm not sure if I rode on someone's coat tails or not. Can someone else who rooted it pm me?
  • Finally, finally rooted! USER: Enumerate, and (as many people suggested) get the wappalyzer add-on. ROOT: Fairly straightforward, I don't want to give anything away so you're on your own for this path. Feel free to PM me for any hints/questions!
    in Writeup Comment by ChefByzen July 2019
  • Finally rooted the box! This was really tough, everything is right in front of you, you just need to dig deeper. If you haven't noticed yet, español es muy imporante para hackear este caja. However, I myself have only a rudimentary knowledge of Spa…
    in Haystack Comment by ChefByzen July 2019

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