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  • Yeah doing root the fun (more involved) way includes sorting out some snaggy details that will trip you up.
  • Anyone around that has progressed through Offshore that I can pick their brain on?
  • Type your comment> @cyb3rsinn3r said: (Quote) No automated fuzzing is required to discover how to get the certs. Don't Try Harder... Try Softer lol
    in Fortune Comment by CaptBoykin March 2019
  • 2 days to find that ****.exe? Takes only minutes with the right dir command... :p
  • I do enjoy the hints in the progress page.
  • Just edit the comment. I did the same once.
  • (Quote) Enjoy the rodeo xD
  • (Quote) See? :astonished:
  • (Quote) If you tape the foam (packaging?) that the keyboard came wit into one single piece, you can effectively make a nice riser and increase the angle that the keyboard sits.
  • ornata chroma because it's super clicky, and I like the wristpad it came with. Overall a good buy, the size took a bit getting used to coming from a larger keyboard previously.
  • (Quote) There are previous comments that address this. :)
  • Also try tinkering with --min-parallelism ... That being said, the most frustrating part of this box are people that trash it, necessitating a reset.
  • (Quote) Sure!
    in Jeeves Comment by CaptBoykin April 2018
  • (Quote) Don't skimp on the initial port scan :)
    in Jeeves Comment by CaptBoykin April 2018
  • (Quote) A large list will be fine if you don't mind waiting. Do you know what you are looking for? I'd re-read the Jeeves threads and understand what you are fuzzing for.
    in Jeeves Comment by CaptBoykin April 2018
  • DEFINITELY DEFINITELY DEFINITELY recommend installing a local copy of whatever you find and testing your own payloads on it. (as some others have mentioned) Also helps to read what the bad characters are (I think I wasted an hour or two wonderin…
  • Beating my head on this... Love it
    in Canape Comment by CaptBoykin April 2018
  • (Quote) Any decent medium/large wordlist will probably work. The key is knowing how to arrange your testing so that you can differentiate between normal activity and any filtering that occurs when the appropriate parameter is sent.
  • And I learned the hard way that a script I wrote as a workaround to the msf/ruby issue was also giving false negatives :angry: (meaning correct credentials didn't read correctly) So, compound issues for myself. More pain = best learning.
  • So far the biggest takeaway from this one and a few other is: If I find myself really going down the rabbit hole searching for the answer...I'm probably being snagged on something minute or minor in the process of doing something. In my circumstan…

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