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  • hmm I have user creds but no flag, though I just got the admin hash.... for user I see a share that I have read permissions to and can use a tool to list the files but I can't connect to read or download them. please help this poor newb out update …
    in Forest Comment by Br1a1d October 2019
  • the actually PW is not, but the pattern is... hope that is not too much info
  • update... looks like I had the right info... I was just trying to dig too deep where there was nothing. if you have the right detials you should be able to guess it in a few tries.
  • I think that I was missing a key detail but I used BF based on the info that I had
  • @cyberfeminist CVE will get you in the door, then you just need to keep plugging away at it :)
  • Type your comment> @ak123 said: (Quote) you are very close but missing some hex.... that would transform keys
  • ugg what an undeeded Hassel on this on... the creator of the tool and challenge did not make their update compatible and now i have to search for older versions....
    in USB ripper Comment by Br1a1d August 2019
  • Type your comment> @socialkas said: (Quote) Can you give a little more detail on editing the python code? I have 2.1.4-2 can get the time error. FYI installed via "pip3 install appname"
    in USB ripper Comment by Br1a1d August 2019

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