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  • I found credentials which let me connect, but then I get disconnected with this message: Reconnecting with SMB1 for workgroup listing. do_connect: Connection to failed (Error NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT) Failed to connect with SMB1 -- no work…
    in Heist Comment by Bowlslaw August 2019
  • I gotten on as the web server, and found a certain script, and looked at the sudo stuff, but I keep getting prompted for a password whenever I try and run the script. I can't figure out what's wrong. Can anyone nudge me? Edit: NEVERMIND, I read the…
    in Jarvis Comment by Bowlslaw August 2019
  • I was able to create a user on the box via R**, but now I am completely lost. This is all new to me. Any tips?
    in Netmon Comment by Bowlslaw April 2019
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  • I have been trying to get user.txt for over 1 day now, but I cannot seem to get a shell or any other info. I think I am doing something very simple wrong which is screwing everything up. I am able to log in as the user with the password found from t…
  • I didn't use the technique everyone says though...pretty cool.
  • Can someone PM me and help with getting root? I have all of my steps laid out so I will tell you everything I have tried. EDIT: Scratch that! Got it! Very cool...
  • Seems like it's
  • Got user and I know what I need to do for root, but people keep screwing up important files.
  • Can someone please PM me for obtaining initial access? I have tried many things and I won't post them here because they are spoilers. It feels like I am making a very minor error, or my nc command is wrong, or something...
  • Can you guys please stop DoSing the server...
  • Yes! Rooted...learned a lot about something I had no idea existed. Big thanks to Jamesa and Mcruz for the right guidance. With this root, I have obtained the rank "hacker". Woohoo! Still feel like a newb, though ;)
  • Finally got user. I feel so stupid sometimes.
  • OMG, I keep getting 'invalid format' even though I've tried using the formatter and removed the '\n'...
  • Scratch that...I used something else and it cracked in under 5 seconds. Got root! Second Windows box I've done...very cool.
  • Does it take long to crack with hashcat?
  • w00t, got user. I had to spend the first session researching the technology, since I knew basically nothing about it. There are PLENTY of great online resources, including an interesting fellow whom dedicates himself to the relevant technology :)
  • Rooted! Holy crap, that was awesome.
    in Poison Comment by Bowlslaw August 2018
  • I"m confused. I got the user's password, but it does not work with ssh. Did someone change the password? Edit: Well, it works now, and I changed nothing. Hmph, got user, on to root!
    in Poison Comment by Bowlslaw August 2018
  • Woohoo, rooted. Had to learn some new syntax :)
    in Jerry Comment by Bowlslaw August 2018
  • So, I gained access to the web manager, and got a shell, but only one the 'help' command gives me any results. Nothing else works.
    in Jerry Comment by Bowlslaw August 2018
  • Been stuck on privesc for a few days now. I can login via ssh, and I see the other service. Can someone please PM me with some help?
    in Hawk Comment by Bowlslaw August 2018
  • Got user, totally stuck on privesc.
    in Hawk Comment by Bowlslaw August 2018
  • (Quote) Do you know what you are searching for?
    in Hawk Comment by Bowlslaw August 2018
  • I got the encrypted file and have admin access to the web portal. Trying to figure out how I can get ssh from here.
    in Hawk Comment by Bowlslaw August 2018
  • (Quote) Of course! I learned about it. That's pretty cool. Thanks for helping a newbie :)
    in Hawk Comment by Bowlslaw August 2018
  • What is this .enc file you guys are talking about? I have scanned every port and have gone through some of the directories, but I cannot find any file.
    in Hawk Comment by Bowlslaw August 2018

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