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  • Yes you have a large lab with lotssssssssss of pivoting and use of sshuttle
    in pivoting Comment by BountyKiller June 28
  • Type your comment> @sshtw88 said: (Quote) I'm thinking it's a conn problem as i too have this issue for example Olympus so i try steer well clear of Metasploit if i can I love all the boxes on here bar none some are a bit lame and some just not…
  • To say i could not get on this box and wasted 2 days trying left me with a bad taste in my mouth i had to resort to reading the hints which has led me to believe that users in certain parts of the world cannot even begin rooting this box Has HTB no…
    in Olympus Comment by BountyKiller April 6
  • 2 days on this box have tried every single script and tweaked and tweaked but getting nowhere tried IPPSECs methods and a few similar but absolutely nothing for crying out loud i even tried the Metasploit method as i was so frustrated something i ne…
    in Olympus Comment by BountyKiller April 5
  • Spoiler Removed
    in Netmon Comment by BountyKiller March 12
  • I have not done Rastalabs yet im still in the Osint process of analysing any hints i can find but im pretty sure Rastamouse would not give you a hash that difficult i agree with the previous comment if its not in rockyou then i would maybe looking a…
  • I don't think i can actually read this seeing as this machine almost destroyed my life :)
  • Try John with jumbo patch breaks it relatively easily
    in Sizzle Comment by BountyKiller March 6
  • have you watched the videos on youtube this explains all about notifications
    in Netmon Comment by BountyKiller March 6
  • For you guys who do not read all the tips here a few that have already been covered Think like a user do you keep the same password or are you required to change it on occasion Youtube PRTG theres 2 videos in particular that show you exactly what …
    in Netmon Comment by BountyKiller March 5
  • I did not set any time it was not needed that threw me for a bit when i initially did my recon on this box but i ignored that hint and it proved to be a basic but very enjoyable box
  • So lovely to do a machine without Metasploit oh how i hate that program many thanks to the creators of this box i loved it
  • Well in this instance theres now to worry about i read some of the hints and was sweating as i needed this box for elite hacker and when i read the hints i thought oh wow nope was the easiest box on the active machines in my humble opinion not too …
  • Rooted Done and dusted a lot of false rabbit holes in this discussion the box was a piece of cake
  • Ok back at this box now its calmed down but its proving a pain after having read the article and the video i see we have no rights to delete log files from the the apps directory so i am unable to plant my exploit there Hint please
    in Netmon Comment by BountyKiller March 4
  • Yup done that found the correct place and crafting a command then check back at the FTP server but nowt nowt nowt hahah its killing me this noob box but good fun as i have never user PRTG
    in Netmon Comment by BountyKiller March 3
  • Type your comment> @BountyKiller said: (Quote)
  • (Image) Would be really cool if we could put this in our Link din and other websites
  • I'm Planning on doing this lab next month is there anyone from Thailand who would like to join me in this challenge
  • 6 hours electric went off two times and i was pulling my hair out problem was i was using my chosen tool wrong a fantastic challenge i learned a lotttttttttttttttttttttt

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