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  • Fun machine. I was stuck on the root part for a while even through I had the exploit working on a VM. Tried all sorts of AV evasion, but ended up just attempting it multiple times and it eventually worked.
  • Nice challenge @win32k . Learnt a new trick
  • When entering the in the coordinates, your browser can make a difference. Entering the same Coordinates in Firefox in Kali and Chrome in windows gave different results.
  • Fun challenge. Thanks @Sm4rtK1dz Using the right search engine at the start can make a difference
  • Biggest tip for root, is not to use the GUI. Spent so much wasted time there. There is another stable way where you can upload your script and then execute. Happy to PM for hints.
    in ServMon Comment by BarnY May 2020
  • what a fun box. Think its already been said, but make sure for root, you have a full interactive shell.
    in Jarvis Comment by BarnY July 2019
  • Thanks @jkr what a great box. Thanks to @albertojoser for the nudge
    in Writeup Comment by BarnY June 2019
  • Type your comment> @Souma said: (Quote) Thanks, same thing happened to me
    in Ellingson Comment by BarnY May 2019
  • What a great challenge! I ironically found the tool required after solving it. Initially gave up trying to find the tool and ended up watching a few DNS exfiltration videos on youtube which showed a few of the common encoding techniques used. I then…
    in Keep Tryin Comment by BarnY May 2019

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