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  • Has anyone had 405 Method Not Allowed issues when trying to get user? I cannot get my payload to upload.
  • This was definitely one of the most challenging for me in terms of calculations. However, with the assistance of @kd3n4 and @m4nu, I finally got my head around it. Here's some hints to get you moving * The modulus is specific type of number, notic…
    in RsaCtfTool Comment by AzAxIaL June 17
  • I liked this challenge, but like so many on here, got stuck on the last part before doing as many suggested and googling the key terms. Here are my hints: 1st part: Listen to the audio, what kind of sounds are they? Tools are available online as we…
    in Call challenge Comment by AzAxIaL June 9
  • This was definitely an interesting challenge, although I do feel that without the hints given here, the wording at the end of the recording would have made it more difficult. So my tips for this. * Free IBM Watson * Fix obvious mistakes * Like in y…
  • Rooted. An interesting box that features some good real-life examples. Thanks to @R0b0tGanG for the nudge for user, and @egre55 for a good learning box. One thing I would like to say before my hints is that people's use of "enumerate" her…
    in Resolute Comment by AzAxIaL January 22
  • Rooted. This was a nice machine to get you to work on coming up with your own solutions, which in my opinion is a great way to learn and improve. Big thanks to @clubby789 for a nice box. Now for the hints INITIAL - Things need to be a little fuzzy…
    in Obscurity Comment by AzAxIaL January 6
  • Rooted. This is a good box to work on to help you pay attention to what you have around you. Thanks to @jkr for a nice box to work on. So here are the hints: INITIAL - If you feel that a common port should be open, try a reset or move to the free …
  • Anyone free to help me with root. I understand about how to use the dog, but I feel I have missed a step in progressing.
    in Forest Comment by AzAxIaL December 2019
  • My first insane box, and it did drive me a little crazy at times, but I am glad to finally have this rooted. Massive thanks to @HAL9000B for helping me get user, and @Moindjaro for giving me the hint needed for root. Also, thanks to @Gioo and @Cneel…
  • Windows boxes are still a weakness of mine, but I did learn a few new tricks on this, so thanks to @MinatoTW for a good box to learn from. So, my hints. USER - Passwords aplenty! There is a nice python script available specifically for decoding on…
    in Heist Comment by AzAxIaL October 2019
  • Apologies to all. Looks like I gave away too much last time, so let me try again with less spoilers. INITIAL FOOTHOLD - So many articles. I wonder how many there are? - A snake's REPLy will give you the chance to give your own key. USER - I…
  • Spoiler Removed
    in Ellingson Comment by AzAxIaL August 2019
  • Managed to finally root before the box retired. Big thanks to @ompamo and @raiden99 for their much needed insight.
    in Arkham Comment by AzAxIaL August 2019
  • I too am stuck at the point of trying to ping back to my machine, but keep getting 500. Can someone please PM me with some tips on how to format my payload?
    in Arkham Comment by AzAxIaL July 2019
  • Nice challenge. I think @m4nu's hints are sufficient for this, but send me a PM if you need more hints.
  • Wow. This box put me through some major challenges. As others have said, a lot of what needs to be done is not a simple case of one or two commands and you're in, you do have to do a lot of prep before getting anywhere in this box. Hat's off to @jkr…
    in onetwoseven Comment by AzAxIaL May 2019
  • You could use echo -n to omit the newline character at the end.
  • So many people have asked me about https access, so here is the site that will give you all you need.
  • Type your comment> @Kinjo said: (Quote) As @skordokailas pointed out, it is true that there are two routes to root ;) I personally went the way of https initially, but had the chance to go the other way. The alternative is only good if you are r…
  • For those struggling with root, have a look at the options for the ** command. It might help you get passed your obvious restrictions.
  • OK people, I have responded to over 50 messages in the space of a couple of hours. I am always happy to help, but it is time for me to get some sleep. Feel free to PM me, but know that I probably won't be able to respond for at least 8 hours, possib…
  • Rooted. Parts of this box I liked, others were not so much fun. The constant resets and changes did make this box less enjoyable. Big thanks to @Jycerian and @CHUCHO for putting up with my ridiculous questions. So, for my hints. Initial footh…
  • Solved. I enjoyed this challenge as it gave me a chance to really focus on paying attention to not-so-obvious details. PM me if you need nudges. Let me know what you have tried so I don't spoil too much for you.
  • Rooted (but not without so much help) Thanks to @pzylence and @jagomezg for getting me started. Big thanks to @mendedsiren63 for getting me to user. Massive thanks to @FuxSocy and @XeN0N for giving me the final hints needed for root! You guys are th…
    in Fortune Comment by AzAxIaL March 2019
  • Can anyone help me with the initial foothold? I read all the hints and checked the websites posted, but I feel like I am missing something obvious in terms of ssl. Please PM me. Edit: I cannot believe I overlooked the basics of RCE. bangs head on t…
    in Fortune Comment by AzAxIaL March 2019
  • Finally rooted (shell). Big thanks to @Malone5923, @TheGrandPew, and @Baikuya for their much needed hints. Also a big thanks @mrh4sh and @egre55 for a good learning box. So much about windows I did not know. As always, here are my pointers. Pretra…
    in Querier Comment by AzAxIaL February 2019
  • Finally rooted after kicking myself repeatedly for amateur mistakes. Here's my hints (Please PM me if there are spoilers, and I'll edit.) Initial: Don't be content with the default wordlists during your initial enumeration, especially with dirb. Re…
    in Zipper Comment by AzAxIaL February 2019
  • Spoiler Removed
  • (Quote) This was the biggest hint to solve it. My advice for the final part is think about the shape of the image. PM me if you need help.
  • Solved. @deleite's comment was more than enough get it. I agree that the flag doesn't look like most of the flags seen.

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