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  • Got root. Little hint about foothold/user - "It's not about Friday, although it looks similar. It's newer". Waste lot of time in this wrong way. I hope it's not a spoiler.
  • Finally rooted. Thanks, great box for AD pwn learning. Takes long time mostly because builtin instruments are not work for me. I took the first creds in 10 mins and waste over a 4 days for Dog troubleshooting. After this, i found than module of p*s…
  • Rooted. Little hints: Foothold: Scan harder. User: How you get inside? Find a same file. Root: CVE
  • Rooted. Thanks for great box. But you here for the hints are you? ;) Foothold: * Git remember about every you mistake. Even if you think you have fix it, git remember... * RTFM about local api, Read the source code and comments. User: * Insecu…
  • Type your comment> @toumie2 said: (Quote) You don't need special tools for this. Try to understand what app answer you on high port. Then just RTFM and this thread again.
  • Rooted. Thanks to all, who posted on this forum. I has read this thread at each time, when have stuck, and each time find the answer. Seems, like this box have several solutions. My was a bit dirty, because i noob, but it's work. Root reverse shell…

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