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  • Solved it, but not in a very intelligent way... Would love to see a writeup of this
  • This was a fun challenge! After a first look a month or two ago, it took me less then half an hour to solve it this time, thanks to @eriveros great hint! Feel free to reach out via a dm if someone needs a small nudge of sanity check!
  • You can send me a pm @dutchinho
  • I suppose the script is written for python2 instead of python3, which requires parentheses for print as it is a function in python3, and not a statement as in python 2. But more things have changed so only adding the parantheses won't fix it most of…
  • Nice challenge @willwam845! @ngoctnq This is indeed weird in my opinion. It does work for ord = 6, or without specifying an order in my case sage: discrete_log(Mod(23, 7 * 13), Mod(4, 7 * 13), ord=6)5sage: discrete_log(Mod(23, 7 * 13), Mod(4, 7 * …
  • Fun challenge! First part was most challenging for me, but @electrifeye's hint about classic cryptanalysis is great! Second step was easy as @0x41 mentioned and making the 19077 requests took me only 15 minutes, don't know why it is so fast for me.…
  • The message isn't a rabbit hole :). Think about how this could be implemented...
  • Finally solved this challenge! It was very fun, thanks @splintercode and @stefano118! You indeed don't need to run any shellcode... If anyone needs a small nudge, feel free to send me a PM!
  • I am not completely sure but I think the points shown in the hackthebox ranking (227) are correct, while the points shown on your profile page (261) are incorrect. 227 points is also the same amount of points shown on your points breakdown (https://…
  • Such a great challenge! Thanks @R4J! Thanks to @jack0 for the nudge! If anyone needs a small hint or a sanity check they can send me a pm!
  • Fun challenge! Learned a lot of it :) Thanks @willwam845 ! If someone needs a small nudge, feel free to send me a pm.
  • This was such a great box! Thanks @MrR3boot & @R4J! User was very long, very fun, but in my comfort zone. Did remind me of travel, which was great, as I also really liked that box! Getting root was less involved, but outside my comfort zone, so …
  • Take a look at: I have not read it before, but I think it looks great and answers both your questions above (and maybe also future ones) *…
  • This was quite a fun box, mainly focused on enumeration. In almost every step, if you have found the thing you supposed to find, exploiting/using it isn't that difficult or time consuming. Finding it can be... There are some great hints on the foru…
  • Quite a fun box! There are multiple (intended) ways to get user and root, so don't be confused if a hint here doesn't make any sense for what you are trying. Feel free to send me a pm if you need a nudge, but please tell what you have already done, …
  • It took me some time... but I got root! What a great box! One of my favorites! Thanks @sokafr If someone needs small a nudge, you can send me a PM :smiley:
  • Seclists has this one: I think you only need to zip and then upload it as a plugin
  • Rooted it! This was an interesting box! Thanks @sulcud! Time to go to bed now....
  • Yes, you can send me a PM @whipped!
  • Rooted it! The foothold was very, very hard, but very, very enjoyable! Thanks @xct and @jkr for this awesome box! Also thanks @Roinard and @anoNym1ty for the nudges! If you need a small nudge, feel free to send me a PM!
    in Travel Comment by ArtemisFY July 2020
  • Rooted it :smile: Really liked the privesc from user1 -> user2! If you need an nudge, feel free to send me PM!
    in Quick Comment by ArtemisFY July 2020
  • @ano12 Can I send you my solution a PM, to check whether mine solution is the intended way?
  • You can send me a PM r4gus! I just completed this challenge and I would't consider my solution as simple, so maybe there is an easier way... but I'm quite new to this, so maybe my judgment of what is easy or not is a bit off... Really enjoyed it t…
  • Hi! Did someone did this box lately? I think the privilege-escalation is broken as I get "* Vault is sealed", when I try to login... After some time I looked up the write-ups, and they are doing exactly what I tried, but for me it just isn…
    in Craft Comment by ArtemisFY June 2020

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