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  • RoOtEd! Definitely a fun box! Thanks @egotisticalSW! User was CTF like.. Feel free to PM if need help!
  • Getting error "You are only allowed 1 image."
  • Type your comment> @Jfly said: (Quote) Same here.. stuck since an hour
    in Travel Comment by Aniruddh9 May 16
  • Rooted! Interesting box Should require a little nudge, feel free to PM!
    in Cache Comment by Aniruddh9 May 14
  • Finally rooted!! Every time you feel you got there and now just have to jump and grab.. NOO.. It won't work! Something has to be changed! :wink: Great box! Loved it because this box teaches you to look at every aspect. As @GibParadox said in page 9…
    in Admirer Comment by Aniruddh9 May 11
  • Rooted! Fun machine.. good work @TRX..
    in Magic Comment by Aniruddh9 April 20
  • Finally rooted! Thanks to @EvilT0r13 and @sh4d0wless.. Accurate hints are there by @somecanadian in page 9! Great work MrR3boot..Looking forward to have similar boxes from you.... Its true that difficult paths lead to beautiful destinations :wink:…
    in Book Comment by Aniruddh9 April 16
  • Guys, I cant get l**r***** to trigger.. It was working and suddenly stopped working.. I am doing same exact thing as i did when it got triggered.. anybody faced similar issue?
    in Book Comment by Aniruddh9 April 16
  • Rooted! [email protected]:~# id uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root) Thanks to EvilT0r13 for nudges. Few Hints for those who are stuck.. Feel free to mark spoiler if it is! Foothold : You know the file, but don't know the parent dir.. FUZZ accordingl…
    in Obscurity Comment by Aniruddh9 April 14
  • I have found the login page. I know what is running behind and I managed to extract a password which doesn't seem to fit anywhere. Can anyone please PM me for little guidance? Thank you in advance. EDIT : Rooted! Thanks to EvilT0r13 for the guidan…
    in Mango Comment by Aniruddh9 April 13
  • Rooted :smiley: All hints are already given. Just a request, please do not add custom scripts on /home directories. Use /tmp/ or /dev/shm/ directories and change existing scripts or files. Enumerate everything that is in front of you.
    in Traverxec Comment by Aniruddh9 March 23
  • Just rooted. [email protected]:~# whoami root [email protected]:~# id uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root) [email protected]:~# Hints : Foothold : Examine the home page and source code. Google combination of words. User1 : Easy.. Just a reverse shell aw…
    in Traceback Comment by Aniruddh9 March 22
  • Can some help me please? Got the user flag. Also with p**y found an interesting process related to m****d. Not sure if I'm on the right track or not and how to proceed.. Thanks in advance.
    in Traceback Comment by Aniruddh9 March 21

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