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  • Thanks @pist4chios It definitely has nothing to do with responder, how embarrassing :D
    in Forest Comment by Ammit October 15
  • Am i right in thinking resp**der is the way to go with this?
    in Forest Comment by Ammit October 15
  • Type your comment> @DrD3ath said: (Quote) Finally someone sharing some constructive knowledge with the community. Hint: sometimes giving yourself "space" and "then adding what you need" works wonders. User was fun, root meh…
    in Networked Comment by Ammit September 22
  • I have tried cracking the has multiples times with hashcat going through the entire rockyou list but keep getting the same bad value?
    in Ellingson Comment by Ammit August 1
  • @laukik sorry for the late reply mate, the issue for me turned out to be my firewall
    in Web Challenges Comment by Ammit July 31
  • @onlyamedic sorry for the late reply but yea not a lot of good ones geared towards windows specifically but thanks for the recommendation I will have a look at the internals series
  • Any advice on a webshell? Trying the frog method but not having much success
    in Swagshop Comment by Ammit June 3
  • I can't seem to find the creds everyone is talking about. I have done some research and found the issue with prtg storing creds incorrectly but when I look through the files anything to do with creds is encrypted, anyone willing to give a nudge?
    in Netmon Comment by Ammit April 23
  • Good stuff man, love new tools will definitely check it out
  • Stuck on phase 2, INVALID ID INFO, so a network mismatch I guess. Any advice on how to figure out the correct subnet?
    in Conceal Comment by Ammit February 12
  • (Quote) I did and I a not sure why this caused and issue but when I uploaded a web shell i was using the usual p0wny shell script and upgrading that to a reverse python shell. However the exploit didnt like this so I used the standard php reverse s…
  • Any hints for Priv Esec looked at searchsploit, keep getting an error on execution ./xxxxx error invalid argument executing from within a reverse python shell
  • (Quote) Don't be a vegetarian keep the beef
    in Mischeif Comment by Ammit December 2018
  • There is also an excellent book called the web application hackers handbook it will serve you well.
  • (Quote) Your in the right place keep at it

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