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  • Rather like this: (Quote) Notice the two blank lines after the last 0, this is what they mean by \r\n\r\n.
  • Finally got around to doing this box. Unfortunately people kept resetting the box all the time, so I had to redo a lot of the first steps again and again. The very last step for root gave me a lot of trouble until I decided to spend some time to ge…
  • Type your comment> @zone85 said: (Quote) Look for interesting endpoints, when you find something try and run that 'something' locally.
  • Rooted! Fun box, and the first box I was able to root without even visiting the forum for hints. The very last part took a bit of creativity though. If you need a hint you're welcome to PM me. EDIT: After reading this thread, I apparently got roo…
  • Rooted. That felt great after several days of working on the exploit. For anyone having trouble with the exploit, the 2 videos already mentioned here are an immense help. For the final step, running the exploit for real, look at what the imported l…
    in Ellingson Comment by Almadjus June 2019
  • Got root. That last part was definitely interesting, nice box! I had to take a pause from getting root yesterday, kept staring at the wrong place. After a night's sleep I finally saw the light! @1NC39T10N's hint is crucial if you're on VIP, or you…
    in Writeup Comment by Almadjus June 2019
  • Rooted. I'm not sure I really liked this box though. I was stuck at one point (initial creds), then it was super easy from there on. PrivEsc was... a bit of a deception.
    in Luke Comment by Almadjus May 2019
  • Got user via RCE, but can't for the life of me get a reverse shell... I think I know what to do for root, but without that shell I can't execute it. Anyone around who can give me a hint? EDIT: Got a reverse shell, now for root EDIT2: Root done! E…
    in Swagshop Comment by Almadjus May 2019

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