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  • Great box. After the disgusting ServMon, it is like a breath of fresh mountain air. As usual, if you are stuck - write to me in PM.
    in Magic Comment by AlexLTN April 30
  • Rooted. Many new things for me. Thx to all the people who helped me. If you're stuck - PM me and i help you.
    in Book Comment by AlexLTN March 24
  • Nice winbox for beginners! Come on discord alex_ltn#5163 or pm if you need help.
    in Sauna Comment by AlexLTN March 6
  • Very tough box for a beginner.____. Thanks all for help. Now it's my turn to pay off my debts, PM if you stuck.
    in Zetta Comment by AlexLTN February 11
  • Rooted. Thx @VbScrub for studying some new things. The difficulty level is more similar to the average. As usual, pm if you stuck, although 19 pages of tips should be enough :)
    in Nest Comment by AlexLTN February 4
  • Thx @mRr3b00t for this lessons. Rooted. Root is easier then user. Python is your best friend. Be careful with your alphabet. As usual, PM for nuggets.
    in Mango Comment by AlexLTN January 28
  • Very cool Windows box. Thx @egre55 For foothold earlier in the topic there is an excellent article from OWASP. The next user is very simple, just enumerate . Root tip: there are several versions of the smb protocol if you need to copy something fr…
    in Monteverde Comment by AlexLTN January 23
  • Got root this... Thx @IamKsNoob for help! Root was very easy, user is a little bit hard. PM if your stuck, as usually
    in Obscurity Comment by AlexLTN January 20
  • Good box! Thx @thek for this box. As usually, PM if you stuck or discord alex_ltn#5163
    in Registry Comment by AlexLTN January 10
  • Rooted. Thx @MinatoTW and @felamos for this box. as usually, pm if you stuck
    in Sniper Comment by AlexLTN December 2019
  • Thx @egre55 , nice box. PM if you need, just describe in detail where you are stuck
  • id uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root) Thx @jkr for this box. Very intresting. I learned a lot new thing. Hint for root: just try to change something in your terminal. Do not focused on command name, which was mentioned here. Read the manual f…
  • Thx @Cyb3rb0b for this box! Thx @mosaaed for help. I was learn a lot with this box. I'm not sure, i was cheating with root or not, but i was not used escalation tool for this, just was stealing a hash... in a strange place. PM if you stuck.
    in Json Comment by AlexLTN December 2019
  • Rooted! Good box for newbies. thx @bumika PM 4 hints. Also, dont forget about case sensitive...
    in Postman Comment by AlexLTN November 2019
  • Rooted. Thx @AzAxIaL and @Ch0p1n for nudges on finally stage. All clues are in this topic. It is necessary to know how to use the tools. PM me if you stuck.
    in Heist Comment by AlexLTN November 2019
  • Rooted. USER: do not rely on the exploit, write your own tools and combine with exploit ROOT: its pretty easy, just look around, no need to enumerate Thx @Y3llowMustang @rholas PM if you stuck.
    in Wall Comment by AlexLTN October 2019
  • That's a good idea. What about Asterisk?
  • Got it. All the right things in front of your eyes, remember this. PM me if you stuck.
  • Ого, отмечусь, первый раз нашел эту тему :)
  • Rooted... Very good and straight box, thx @manulqwerty and @Ghostpp7 PM me if you stuck and describe in detail what you did and what you have!
    in Jarvis Comment by AlexLTN August 2019
  • Rooted. PM me if you need hints. Thx @gluggers !
    in Haystack Comment by AlexLTN August 2019
  • Good box, learned a lot. Thx @codeninja0x01 for final priv esc advice. PM if you need help.
    in Swagshop Comment by AlexLTN August 2019
  • Yeah so very cool and fast machine, good for a newbie. Many thanks for this box to @L4mpje !!! PS> In this topic there is all you need.
    in Bastion Comment by AlexLTN August 2019
  • Got root. Thanks to @AzAxIaL and @Kinjo for answering my questions.

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