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  • Type your comment> @Jfly said: (Quote) you land on **S as the foothold from there?
    in Travel Comment by Ad0n May 16
  • i told myself i was going to wait a few days to get on this box, and here i am... on this box... i'm so weak...
    in Travel Comment by Ad0n May 16
  • initial foothold reminds me a whole lot of the lessons some of us learned in @VbScrub 's nest, just because you can't go into something doesn't mean you cant enumerate it much respect to to the author.
    in Admirer Comment by Ad0n May 3
  • Type your comment> @JMFL said: (Quote) i had my doubts but the removal of this codified that lol.
    in Quick Comment by Ad0n April 26
  • rooted.... this box is ... the worst..... but kinda cool
    in ServMon Comment by Ad0n April 22
  • another great box from @VbScrub , I really appreciate the thought and effort you put into these boxes and the content you put out for the community, can't wait for your next box to roll out
    in Cascade Comment by Ad0n April 4
  • guys ovbiously this is going to be a physical pentest, #tryharder
    in Cascade Comment by Ad0n March 28
  • whoa boy, looks like i hit a technical cap, got some reading to do, anyone want to point me to any good articles about the de serialization portion?
    in Fatty Comment by Ad0n March 26
  • Thanks for the awesome machine, i really enjoyed the learning experience on the CMS and again another reminder not to turn everything into rocket science .
    in Remote Comment by Ad0n March 24
  • Is it necessary to change the password for the ***n account? the creds i had were working earlier, anyone seeing this behavior?
    in Remote Comment by Ad0n March 23
  • I'm giddy with anticipation, i've developed a fondness for windows machines over the last few months.
    in Remote Comment by Ad0n March 21
  • 3 days later and i got user after a wicked amount of scraping the clues off the forum and a whole lot of trial and error, Thanks for the nudge of confidence guys feeling good about it. now onward and forwards.
    in Patents Comment by Ad0n March 12
  • I might be a little bit out of my league here, but found the users along with the homage users , currently trying to exhaust all possibilities for where the hashes are, so far feeling pretty good not feeling beat down by the box yet... I'll check in…
    in Multimaster Comment by Ad0n March 10
  • Type your comment> @TazWake said: (Quote) good talk coach, i'm ready to get back in there.
    in Patents Comment by Ad0n March 9
  • Type your comment> @farbs said: (Quote) lol when a guy ranked omniscient and ranked 53 calls this a doozy, lol what chance do i have against this box. oh well, just reading the forums prior to digging in, hopefully this will be a struggle cuddle…
    in Patents Comment by Ad0n March 9
  • Type your comment> @VbScrub said: (Quote) speaking of groundhogs day, i see that your next machine has been accepted any idea of what it is suppose to replace and when that's going to be?
    in Nest Comment by Ad0n March 9
  • Hi guys need a little help with control for the root foothold, i currently have a stable foothold with the user H***** , currently enumerating the system with the u (Quote) lol this is the reason why i finally went to a vip account.
    in Control Comment by Ad0n March 8
  • Type your comment> @gu4r15m0 said: (Quote) my initial mistake was making this too complicated, craft the simplest payload possible and it should work like a charm
    in Sniper Comment by Ad0n March 8
  • Type your comment> @kimleepark said: (Quote) strange sounds like a shell wasn't offered to you, how did you execute the nc from sniper?
    in Sniper Comment by Ad0n March 8
  • that was a trip, loved the lessons learned specially about the key... drove me crazy why it didn't it turn as expected.
    in Book Comment by Ad0n March 8
  • Type your comment> @joohoi said: (Quote) i've used it and it's awesome.
  • I could listen to you talk about churning butter with that British accent. luckily this is actually salient and interesting to my life. thanks!
  • Great Job on this box! the frustration i endured was well worth the lessons learned and thanks all that nudged along the way, feel free to pm if you need help PS C:\users\Administrator\Desktop> whoami whoami sniper\administrator PS C:\users\Admi…
    in Sniper Comment by Ad0n March 3
  • Type your comment> @CodingKoala said: (Quote) yep thanks, i ended up doing that a few minutes later after i posted it, and it's smooth as butter!
    in Sniper Comment by Ad0n March 3
  • the box as of this post looks super unstable, i cant sustain a shell to save my life, earlier the database looked like it went down for a bit, is someone hammering it?
    in Sniper Comment by Ad0n March 1
  • this CTF has made me realize, i'd like a dark theme for burpsuite.
    in Sniper Comment by Ad0n February 26
  • is this an unusually hard box or are the usual first blooders away on a holiday retreat? i'd like to think of @sampriti or @snowscan parasailing at an exotic destination drinking tropical cocktails with fancy umbrellas in them.
    in Book Comment by Ad0n February 22
  • fyi i heard you said hashcat didnt work in the vm- you have to supply the " --force" option at the end of command in a virtualized environment, hashcat natively wants to use your gpu, you'll need to explicitly force it to use the cpu
  • I want to make sure you know how much i appreciate your involvement in the community and the dedication and quality you put into the videos you post. you just need to publish more videos, id like a series on windows enumeration techniques.
  • (Quote) goodlord, this box was smooth sailing up until the 3rd hour of release and i pretty much went down a rabbit hole that lasted until a few minutes go, definitely was chasing my tail for a while, but awesome job @vbscrub can't wait for you nex…
    in Nest Comment by Ad0n February 21

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