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  • If you have a Garden and a Library, you have everything you needed. Hint???
    in Book Comment by AcroTiger February 2020
  • OK, done the "right" way, now. That was not easy. Not for me. But it was fun! Props to the creator! @VbScrub
    in Nest Comment by AcroTiger January 2020
  • Found that password hash and trying to figure out what to do with it...
    in Nest Comment by AcroTiger January 2020
  • Got user. Gonna have to pass on root now as it looks to be above my pay-grade. Find me on Discord for hlep :)
  • @farbs Exactly. I tried using cewl to generate a wordlist and try to find valid endpoints that way, but always receive the same "bad_route" response... Anyways, good to see an "Omniscient" stuck at the same point I am :rofl:
  • Hmmm I've read through all of the t***p documentation to no avail. Wondering if there is maybe some hint I am missing as to what the "location" of a good enumeration point would be. Would it be helpful to go back and look at the original _…
  • Finally rooted. Looked forever for a way to decrypt a TripleDES encrypted password I found lying around since I was pretty sure I knew the password before I realized I could just import it onto my own version of that software and read it in the clea…
    in Chaos Comment by AcroTiger March 2019
  • For anyone stuck on the python part, if you read what the script is doing, you should be able to extract the correct IV and then hexify the passphrase to use this site: ;)
    in Chaos Comment by AcroTiger March 2019
  • Wow! That was fun. I'm not very experienced with databases, so I learned a LOT! Great box!
    in Canape Comment by AcroTiger May 2018
  • (Quote) I am stuck where you are. It has something to do with encoding. If I can be more specific when I figure it out without giving it away, I will. The advice I was given was to setup the whole thing locally so that I could test...
    in Canape Comment by AcroTiger May 2018
  • Is there any way to do this without brute-forcing? I hate it when I have to resort to that. I must be something wrong...
  • (Quote) Try adding the --min-rate 1000 --max-retries 5 This is normally very bad practice, you could knock something over very easily, or miss something on a box that is responding slowly.
  • The tool I used was CryptoCrack:
  • I know 7B is { in ASCII but that's not quite what I see and the rest... I feel like it's staring me right in the face, If it were a snake...
  • I need help! The first thing I did was try Burp (before even seeing this thread) and I found the unicode characters that look to be English and they all seem to be hes couplets bracketed by a number, but I am not sure what to do with this! Someone P…
  • Is someone willing to DM me with help on this one? Trying to get the python script to work. Have generate what I think is the right payload with none of the forbidden characters and under the size limit (i'm around 692 bytes) But nothing is happenin…
  • (Quote) Love that!
  • Got root! For anyone stuck in PE - read the Forum posts here. It really was a dirty job, but somebody had to do it!
  • (Quote) Me, too! Can't get the Kernel exploits to run without freezing the machine...

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