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  • This is infuriating. Somebody keeps deleting my shell and killing my session. Am I doing something wrong or is someone being a dick? I can't work on root because my session dies after 2 minutes...
    in Magic Comment by 89jase May 2020
  • Thanks for the tip @0xFFensvDfndr ! I used it to get the root txt but unsure how to actually get a session as Admin, do you mind PM'ing me how you went about this? Edit: Cancel that, I spoke too soon. It seems like the command param that I use just…
    in Remote Comment by 89jase May 2020
  • Could use a nudge for root. Focusing on TV but my enum shows no vuln or exploit for that version. Had a look relevant directories and files for hashes but cant find a path forward. Thanks =)
    in Remote Comment by 89jase April 2020
  • Could anyone offer help with root. I followed the steps in the exploit, but going through the API. I just cant seem to get it to run... I've been going from the API documentation (Legacy version)
    in ServMon Comment by 89jase April 2020
  • Rooted For those who had an issue with John not working, I tried loading the 'file' in johnny (after doing *2john) and displayed what you're looking for.
    in OpenAdmin Comment by 89jase April 2020
  • Type your comment> @odinshell said: (Quote) Thanks for the help, I've tried on a few connections now and I just cannot get any sort of consistency. Would you mind PM'ing the two main items the script is trying to work out?
    in Writeup Comment by 89jase July 2019
  • Having trouble with USER, in particular a script to reveal PW Hash / Salt. Having very inconsistent results, even when tinkering with a certain variable. Lab reset also didn't achieve anything. Any Hints? Feel free to PM, thanks! =)
    in Writeup Comment by 89jase July 2019

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