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  • Type your comment> @Achille said: (Quote) I think I have the same problem and, frankly, I think I'm going crazy. A little nudge, maybe?
  • Type your comment> @termtype said: (Quote) I got it. I was providing credentials in a wrong way. I captured my curl command with Burp and it was pretty obvious. If someone else is having the same problem analyze what your sending. Thanks for th…
  • I've been trying for hours to upload a war file with curl, but all I get is a "401 - Unauthorized". Is there another user apart from t****t that i need to find to get there or did I just messed up the commands?
  • Stuck at user and I think I'm getting a little bit crazy, because I keep trying the same thing, which should work (in my very disturbed mind), but it doesn't. Found the file to read, cracked the password, tried to access the directory through http..…
  • Type your comment> @MichiS97 said: (Quote) It's a matter of belonging to the right group.
  • Type your comment> @bumika said: (Quote) Nevermind I solved it. Thanks anyway. :)
  • Type your comment> @bumika said: (Quote) I managed to log in with that user (shame on me), and I gave it (what I think are) the right permissions to do the trick, but I get a "ERROR_DS_DRA_BAD_DN" error... Is there something wrong with…
  • Type your comment> @bumika said: (Quote) Just to be clear: you managed to login with a user you created on the domain, right? Not just the user needed for the initial foothold. Thanks.
  • Desperately trying to get root for days now. Just give me a nudge: do I need to create a user and login with that user or can I use remote tools to get what i need? Because I found an interesting privesc method, but I need to login to use it and I c…

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