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    in Cache Comment by 3DxHex May 22
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    in Patents Comment by 3DxHex April 23
  • Hoping to talk with someone about the process with /***/b*****, I think I know what it's does just can't figure out scripting.. Thx Edit: Got it.
    in ForwardSlash Comment by 3DxHex April 9
  • I know that I'm over complicating root. I have user f***** and s***** but can't seem to see the privesc to admin. I would greatly appreciate some advise from someone that has rooted this box. PM me, thanks. Rooted....🤦‍♂️
    in Sauna Comment by 3DxHex February 17
  • Rooted, liked the box good times. Just one question I would have never gotten drop location for initial foothold exploit if it was not for the hints here. If someone could clue me into the process or thinking on how that drop location was discover…
    in Postman Comment by 3DxHex November 2019
  • BOOM! goes the dynamite. This was a fun and frustrating journey but learned a lot in the windows privesc world. Thanks to @Phaas03 and @btwiusearch for jogging my brain into a different way of thinking to get me over the root hill.
    in Forest Comment by 3DxHex November 2019
  • This box was great fun and learned some new methods. I just have one question if anyone can help me out. I used the hints here to get the root hash because I don't know that my normal methods of enumeration would have lead me to the solution. For…
    in Chainsaw Comment by 3DxHex October 2019
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    in Chainsaw Comment by 3DxHex October 2019
  • I see that some have gotten w**-d*** shell, but is the forbidden error in the c******* part of the game? In running the published exploit?
    in Wall Comment by 3DxHex September 2019
  • Finally rooted. This was by far the most difficult box to date that I have experienced. Learned many different methods and concepts. Like to give thanks and respect to @d4rkpayl0ad, @v1p3r0u5 and @naveen1729 for help and guidance on this monster.
    in RE Comment by 3DxHex September 2019
  • OK got root but it was pure luck and not really sure why it worked. If anyone can explain the exact reason for the privesc I would greatly appreciated. DM or discord, thanks.
    in Networked Comment by 3DxHex August 2019
  • Finally root.... Thanks to @Bond-o and @Dnina for the nudges and guidance....
    in Jarvis Comment by 3DxHex August 2019
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    in RE Comment by 3DxHex August 2019

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