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  • I did not particularly enjoy this challenge because it relied so much on guessing, this won't make me severely complain or verbally attack the author. I think many of you forget that this is a free platform, and we have an author here who just thoug…
  • After some help user was a BLAST! However this box is really hard to work on, it keeps timing out for some time and the ssh connection keeps freezing. Anyone knows anything? I am on VIP and is probably the only one working on it. -Edit: IS this fre…
    in Registry Comment by 0xlimE January 2020
  • Type your comment
    in Postman Comment by 0xlimE November 2019
  • Can someone nudge me in the direction of user? I've got the initial shell as re***. Found the hidden object and cracked it. When I try to ssh as the user M*** the connection drops instantly. THen i tried to log into the w***** and it worked, hurray,…
    in Postman Comment by 0xlimE November 2019
  • Type your comment> @SuperLorenz said: (Quote) When you get to the point where you feel you know the flag, try to work out which characters in the flag are not represented in the rest of the text. Then get yourself an idea of if they should be lo…
  • Can someone pm me a nudge for the root? I have spent several hours now with different enumeration scripts, tried several exploits for the kernel, nothing seems to execute. I am very demotivated since everyone says that root was so easy, but i've tri…
    in Wall Comment by 0xlimE October 2019
  • edit, guess i need to practice my ssh skills
    in Writeup Comment by 0xlimE October 2019

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