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  • For the people that are stuck getting their final payload for foothold to fire, watch the trailing ='es in your payload. If they are there, try padding it with spaces until they're not. Been hitting that issue myself :)
  • Good luck, have fun all!
  • Rooted thanks to a nudge, thanks @sh0wa ! Root was quite hard to spot. Requires some proper enum and knowledge of (basic) vulns! :)
    in Magic Comment by 0xc45 April 2020
  • Though the instability / unpredictability can prove to be quite a hurdle this is a very fun and satisfying box in the end. The extra points for it being rated 'insane' are definitely a bonus 😋 PM is open for nudges!
  • Finally rooted the intended way, superb box @VbScrub! As people have mentioned would definitely classify this as a medium, but it is definitely one of the more fun and rewarding boxes I have pwned. A variety of skills are required, and you might hav…
    in Nest Comment by 0xc45 January 2020
  • Rooted! What a ride this box has been. Thanks a lot @ale98 for the nudges that helped me get there. Some general guidance for once you get a shell: Windows Defender is watching. Try to think about how you can cleverly get files onto the box - smb m…
    in Control Comment by 0xc45 January 2020
  • Really stuck on rooting this one. I've identified the service everyone is talking about, but can't seem to get the right configurations from the DB system, much less get my exploit code onto the system. The instable shell that crashes every ~5 comma…
    in Monteverde Comment by 0xc45 January 2020
  • Nice box, thanks @dmw0ng ! Was expecting an easier path to user but it definitely was fun to do. I may have overcomplicated some steps along the way though :)) Plenty of hints given here. PM for nudges.
    in OpenAdmin Comment by 0xc45 January 2020
  • Rooted! First hard box and last one for pro hacker :) Superb box, very fun experience in the end once you survive all the frustrating hoops for root. Thanks, @thek ! I think there is enough guidance for user. For root, think about the reason your …
    in Registry Comment by 0xc45 January 2020

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