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  • Rooted, easy box but really fun (for me). Privesc part easier than expected, try it locally before exploiting the service. +1 to the creator, good luck to everyone else who got stuck. There are a lot of hints in the thread, keep trying!
  • Challenge is broken ATM: a simple Google Dorks reveals easily the flag
  • I really love this new UI of the platform, there is only a litte thing that I can't find. The "trophy" section, with all the key sentence for each owned box. BTW, love it!
  • Stuck in the sql injection... found some tables that seem intresting (u****_s*****) but the tool can't dump data from it... is it normal? Never mind... session had expired
    in Cache Comment by 0xbro July 10
  • I'm trying to exploit the foothold vuln. manually. May be some kind of WAF? Any hint? EDIT: Rooted! If someone used the brute-force approach please write me in PM :)
  • Type your comment> @MrBear said: (Quote) You have to install keytab on your machine, as you can see python can't import KeyTab module
  • Type your comment> @Y0urM4m4 said: (Quote) Just google it ;)
    in [Mobile] Cat Comment by 0xbro March 24
  • Easy but funny and really nice challange! Like it! DM for hints :)
    in [Mobile] Cat Comment by 0xbro March 22
  • Rooted! Very nice and particular box :) Hints in DM!
    in Traceback Comment by 0xbro March 15
  • Could be possible that the S** I******** has been patched? I exploited it many times before today, now every time I get ban. [Edit] It wasn't real, I forget to pass an important flag to the tool. Rooted!
    in Jarvis Comment by 0xbro September 2019
  • Type your comment> @NativePWN said: (Quote) Yes, downloader is no longer the right path. You have to find another way
    in Swagshop Comment by 0xbro August 2019

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