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  • @juanhk said: (Quote) I'm on the same boat. I've changed the port that ssh runs on and then running the tool ends in the Fatal error. I used netstat to verify that ssh is listening on the new port and it is, though, I've never tried to test if th…
  • Owned user. My tip for the initial foothold..once you find something...you've found something lol As vague as that is, just try what you find.
  • Type your comment> @WarrenVos said: (Quote) Make sure you have no disruptions in your vpn connection. usually when i notice slowness or stuff timing out, my ovpn log shows some issues.
    in Remote Comment by 0xFFensvDfndr May 2020
  • Are the 403's normal in the busted directories? Trying to use belch to bypass if there is a w*f.
  • Type your comment> @89jase said: (Quote) What is the mushroom to Mario in Super Mario Bros.
    in Remote Comment by 0xFFensvDfndr May 2020
  • Type your comment> @TazWake said: (Quote) So apparently what i saw before was other peoples garbage and when I enummed again, I changed my query and boom... some dirs
  • Type your comment> @dalemazza said: (Quote) They are gone now as of the submission of this comment. Finally once i got an idea of how to approach after the OSINT, it's gone. Not sure what's going on but that's not cute, man lol. People need …
  • Type your comment> @GuitarGuy said: (Quote) Are you going in the Graphical way? Try looking for any attacks against it. By it...i mean...U know.
  • Well..I rooted the box last night. I used the U****c method but it was kind of anti-climatic...It wasn't the root shell method. Instead of using netmeow, I pretty much abused the service to place the root flag somewhere I can read. After I popped…
  • Type your comment> @Sc0rp10n said: (Quote) Strip all the extra fluff from the string. Make sure you declare the hash type in your command.
  • (Quote) That is correct. I took out the extra fluff. Nothing more than the hash string in the text file while JR confirms the hash type as it is declared in the sf file.
  • Hey Guys. I'm having the hardest time getting a foothold into the box. Going by the comments, i'm on the right track. 1. m*****d the n** she 2. found the s*f file and used my 'Noggin' to find hashed creds. 3. Creds were hashed (s1) I stripped …

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