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  • Lovely challenge, good example on how dangerous forks can be with a fairly high level of security options enabled on your ELF binaries.
  • Completed, thanks @fr0z3nsp4z3
  • Anyone got the download for Blue Shadow? For some reason it's missing for me on the forensics page.
  • Type your comment> @AlPasta said: (Quote) Uncles will only make sense once you find it. Searching online won't help you I'm afraid. Quite a few tips already in here on the next stage
  • Type your comment> @xeto said: (Quote) You don't necessarily need shell as you have what you need already, but if that's the approach you want to take then I'd leave the more common shell tools behind.
  • Type your comment> @BigDaddy said: (Quote) Sounds like an OpenSSL problem you have on your client machine, but hard to tell without seeing the command you are using exactly (don't post here). The client could possibly be trying to use TLS 1.3
  • Enjoyed getting user, very realistic. root was a bit of a drag, all about the right script ;)
  • Do you have control of both inputs or just one of them? Looking at the code, it's essentially the strcmp function without a NULL terminator check. So there is definitely a buffer read overrun possibility which can cause undefined behaviour, usual…
  • Rooted without using bof method. Moving onto bof next. Anyone got root directly from *n*ra portal? Think I found an RCE but working around url encoding issue. PM if you have, would love to know how you managed it. Great box by the way, found it…

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