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  • same request fails with two different tools? there must be some sort of difference between them that makes the server respond in a different way
  • fun challenge, took me a few moments to figure out how to get around that one thing :P
  • Type your comment> @opt1kz said: (Quote) pm me with more details, i think i know what you're talking about
  • Lovely box, was a bit confused for a while until i knew what to fish for, but smooth sailing after that. root was a bit too easy and close to user imho, but i'm not gonna complain about low hanging fruit :P
  • Very popular soft/hardware for this kind of stuff, import the file and see what data you can get out of it. The image is not just decoration
  • such a headache. at least i know it must be something really obscure, 24 hours after release still no blood EDIT: well i got past one thing, but i have no idea what to do now. i would appreciate a nudge from someone :T EDIT: holy shit what a ride! …
    in ImageTok Comment by 0x41 June 2020
  • Personally, I find these methods to always be a bit janky and complicated. I usually immediately go for a socat reverse shell to get a proper tty or get a normal shell first only to set the socat shell up. It just feels a lot more stable and doesn't…
  • FFT was a good hint :grin: hard to read tho
  • this was surprisingly easy! after the first step it tells you what to do, from there i just got a script off the web, adjusted it a bit and waited :3
  • Type your comment> @afernandezca said: (Quote) i think i've got 7 so far :P
    in Poly Comment by 0x41 June 2020
  • Type your comment> @joeblogg801 said: (Quote) i did the same thing, only better way would be to set the l***** s****** c***** and at that point you might as well just not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ hmu if you wanna exchange payloads :P
  • root made me laugh because i used to rant on twitter about how useless this was :joy:
  • another one of those challenges where i feel like the solution should be relatively simple and quick, but in the end it takes me hours and a convoluted payload :P had a lot of fun though and i learned a trick or two
  • would appreciate a nudge for user. got a shell, but i must be doing something wrong and can't escalate to our user :T
  • not much what's a dyplesher with you? EDIT: oh wow, there's a lot going on here
    in Dyplesher Comment by 0x41 May 2020
  • i solved it in a very roundabout way and feel like i'm missing something that would make this easier. if someone would like to share their solutions with me, i'd love to see them EDIT: seen a writeup now, could've been solved much shorter, but i li…
    in [Pwn] No Return Comment by 0x41 May 2020
  • > @TheWorld said: > Stuck with the m*****e S*** I can write in the memory and overwrite what we can see in the d****g output, but I don't know how it can be useful to get a shell. > Also there is the ls directory found in the R Template, …
    in Travel Comment by 0x41 May 2020
  • finally rooted with a little help from @svgonloader great box, learned a lot of very useful stuff :3
    in Travel Comment by 0x41 May 2020
  • god after so much fighting and wasting time on the wrong techniques, finally a shell EDIT: aaaaaaaand user!
    in Travel Comment by 0x41 May 2020
  • man d*******p feels useless.... i have no idea how to start attacking this :/
    in Travel Comment by 0x41 May 2020
  • Type your comment> @clubby789 said: (Quote) i was wondering how i could feel so close to user without anyone having drawn blood yet :P
    in Travel Comment by 0x41 May 2020
  • god dammit, just found the H** this is the first box that i've seen that does that, it shouldn't be allowed 😂😂😂 EDIT: so i have no idea how you're supposed to get user, but rooted :^)
    in Cache Comment by 0x41 May 2020
  • lovely box :) user was much harder than root. ton of red herrings and a whole bunch of steps. i recommend paying attention to comments and other things that might seem irrelevant and put a little more thought and research into that
    in Admirer Comment by 0x41 May 2020
  • Spoiler Removed
    in Quick Comment by 0x41 April 2020
  • user was pretty hard because i couldn't for the life of me figure out how to access the portal, after a little nudge from someone it was basically smooth sailing to root enjoyed this box a lot as well, keep 'em coming r3boot ^^
    in Quick Comment by 0x41 April 2020
  • Type your comment> @TazWake said: (Quote) bad idea. if rockyou dosen't work for you, you're doing something wrong.
    in ForwardSlash Comment by 0x41 April 2020
  • Type your comment> @ciberpapi said: (Quote) Sounds like magic is the part you forgot to add
    in Magic Comment by 0x41 April 2020
  • (Quote) it's the first result on google for me ^^
    in Magic Comment by 0x41 April 2020
  • root was hard to spot, but easy to exploit :3 fun box EDIT: i recommend using that one big expensive commercial tool instead of the cool open source one for root
    in Magic Comment by 0x41 April 2020
  • error messages i get from ********++ are completely messed up, like there's some memory corruption going on. web interface dosen't reply at all, just disconnects after a moment. i'm on VIP and by the looks of it the only one working on this box rn, …
    in ServMon Comment by 0x41 April 2020

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