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  • @CuriousJ maybe have a look at the dB then! Don't be like me! Whatever you find in the dB that looks vaguely interesting, Google it!
  • Kinda stuck in the admin part... Would appreciate any nudges!
  • Finally rooted! Patience is key for this one! Thank you @egre55 , this was a pretty cool box and not too hard (for those of us that suck at windows anyway)! Feel free to DM for help!
  • I just got user and second user shortly after! No exploits or brute-forcing needed, just thorough enumeration! Not sure if this is a spoiler, but going through the PayloadAllThethings windows guide will give you useful ideas. It would be nice if th…
  • @ompamo this was a fantastic box! I'm really looking forward to the next one! I loved this as it seemed super realistic and it seems like you've put a lot of effort into it!
  • Rooted! Thanks a lot to the people that helped me out on this one! If anyone is still doing this box: you might never get a full shell, but you don't need on either (for root or user)! Feel free to PM for hints!
  • Just finished this! Foothold and the two users took two hours, root took less than a minute! Thank you for the box, the user part was super enjoyable! Feel free to PM for hints!
  • Yeah, I just had a flash and I added a new extension that found the file! Thank you, now onto getting deeper into the app!
  • Hello all, I am stuck! I'd appreciate a nudge! So far I have have enumerated ghosts and files on those, seen the error message on one of the files, found the login where the ide is (but no creds), and I'm struggling to find the backup file - tried …
  • Just managed to get root! Thank you to @rholas for being my rubber duck! and also thank you @thek once again for an awesome challenge!
  • I managed to get user on this one, so far it's an awesome box! thank you @thek ! onto root!
  • Just rooted it! Enumeration is key! Let me know if you need some help!
  • Just got user. It took me a few hours of banging my head on the table, but hints on the forums were super helpful. In all fairness to @MrR3boot the user part is very realistic.
  • I have been stuck for a week now on Admin. Here's what I have so far: I have managed to use the remote python version of the dog for getting my graph, but I am not sure where to go from here. I think I see a path from svc-al to FOREST, but I am kind…
  • Type your comment> @Deslight said: (Quote) I am having the same exact issue.. How did you solve it ?!
  • Just got user. If you don't know windows, this is going to be a pain (it was for me). If you're using impacket scripts, grab the latest from github.
  • Did this machine get decommissioned ?
  • Just got this! Thank you @MinatoTW for this box, it was super realistic and fun! As other have said: Foothold: you don't get/won't need a shell on the box for foothold User: Enumerate all you can. Grab every username you can find. If you happen t…
  • Type your comment> @trollzorftw said: (Quote) Type your comment> @BREADCRUMBH45H said: (Quote) These two comments helped me for user! Thank you very much!
  • Whoop! Just finished this machine! Enumeration is key, once again, to get the foorhold, and then Kali has all the tools you need to get from foothold -> user -> root! Feel free to pm for help!
  • Rooted! This was a great box, thank you @rotarydrone ! It was a super realistic box (uses tech I use at work, simulates the workflows of a modern dev shop very realistically) There are 0 exploits needed for this, apart from the initial foothold. A…
  • Rooted this box last night. Foothold: Recon all you can and try all the verbs. Common file/directory lists will find what you need. Then make educated guesses about passwords. You don't need to automate the bruteforce, I did it manually. You'll nee…
    in Wall Comment by 0X44696F21 November 2019
  • So while trying to get user (trying to add p****** or h*******), I am getting a lot of Forbidden (on m*****.g******.p*****). Is this meant to happen?! I'd appreciate some guidance!
    in Wall Comment by 0X44696F21 November 2019
  • Type your comment> @argot said: (Quote) thanks for the tip!
    in Wall Comment by 0X44696F21 November 2019
  • Type your comment> @rub1ks said: (Quote) This helped me so much with root! Thank you!
  • A little late to the party but I just finished this. I gotta say this was actually one of the more realistic, less CTF-y ones so far! Thanks @guly ! for the initial foothold: Pay close attention to the types of whatever you upload. This took me a w…
  • Oh my god..... All 0s is the best piece of advice ! thanks!
  • so I am slightly surprised and confused atm... I just got root, but I think it's because the VM is at a weird state.. Would any of the people who have rooted it want to talk about their process in private just so I can check my steps ?! @clubby789 …
  • Any hints for how to get SSH as M******* ? I am stack past the R***** shell
  • Type your comment> @verdienansein said: (Quote) So I got that too, but the good news is that you can me it RW. Have a look in the config.

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