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  • PunkySnake

    Please help me to get the root for access stuck for a month !!! I tried runas command but it is asking for a password which i dont know !!!!!!Please help me out

    December 14
  • blackcat

    Hello friend :D can you give me hint for privesc irked machine? i got the ssh user djmardov

    December 11
  • iCk


    December 10
  • dualfade

    nm ;) Almost got it.

    December 2
  • dualfade

    Afternoon. Could I ask you for a nudge for priv esc ? I can see paths changing when modifying LD_LIBRARY_PATH. and strace on try_harder. But... sudo is setting secure path's ( that has to be a rabbit hole ). Also.. myexec seams to be doing something odd.

    myexec is trying to read several libs in /etc that dont exist. seams kinda odd as well. Not sure if Ive seen that before... but anyway.

    Any nudge would be much appreciated

    Thanks in advance.

    December 2
  • Saranraja

    Hi ,Baikuya Please bro I need help.....I am Noob bro this (irked) is my first box try to compromise.
    please me any hint about that bro...I stucked after the information gathering..nmap I get 22,80,111 are open result.....

    November 29
  • D0ct0r

    Hi, I'm stuck in Irked.
    I saw the backup file with a steg text. I've tried everything. Someone said that the first line is a massive but i don't get it. Could you give me some hint?
    Thx !

    November 21
  • skiamakhe

    baikuya, saw that you offered help on irked. I'm working on it. I got to ssh with the ircd user. I've seen people talking about enumerating the irc stuff to go further... I know nothing about IRC. Is there some special IRC command or knowledge I need to go further up to djmardov? Or is there something in the Unreal config files that will help? Or am I looking in the wrong place?

    November 19
  • qqhero

    hi, I stuck in root in "secnotes", I have tried the new feature in win10, like use bash in win10, but can't work,
    is my direction right?

    November 19
  • noelopan

    I need help .. I do not know where to find the pwd for superuser.
    I'm a user i ** d @ irk * d:

    PD1: it's my third machine, I'm new to this.
    PD2: what is Ipriv esc?

    November 19
  • charybdis

    I am working on Irked and I cant seem to get an initial foothold. I saw the rpcbind service so I thought maybe it was running nfs, but I found no evidence of that. I saw a mention of IRC on the webpage but no IRC ports were found. What am I missing?


    November 19
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    October 29

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