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  • ronak360

    I cant seem to get an initial foothold. I saw the rpcbind service so I thought maybe it was running nfs, but I found no evidence of that. I saw a mention of IRC on the webpage but no IRC ports were found can you please help

    December 6
  • noelopan

    Hi, I'm new,(machine curling)
    Could you give me clues about how to start or what tools to use to begin with?
    Only port 22 and 80 are open.
    and i used gobuster to see the web page.
    I did not find much.

    November 19
  • T3jv1l

    You got shell in Irked i think you need to do something with rpcclient ...but now i dont have ideea what

    November 17
  • kanecain

    Hi. I've been stuck getting the correct SQL injection format for Secnotes. Tried commenting, concating, and numerous other injection delimiting and cancellation. I was wondering if you can offer any guidance?

    November 14
  • qqhero

    hi, i stuck in root of access 2 days, i tried a lot of commands of runas, but sill cant work properly,
    runas /profile /env /user:[email protected] "cmd /c more C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\root.txt > C:\Users\security\Desktop\root.txt", is there any problem with the command?

    November 13
  • d4ydr34mer

    hey, can you give a hint for the root flag on Curling? Does it have something to do with using curl against localhost to get access to flag? I'm at a loss as to what the report file is about.

    October 29

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