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  • Can't figure out what to do after getting the countdown timer to 00:00:00. I thought it would be it, but it keeps on going to the negative. :(

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    This is exactly an easy challenge to ones who know php. If you don't, you have to learn it.

  • I'm in the same situation of @bcdehl :(

  • Can someone DM me? Any help is appreciated.

  • Could anyone PM me a hint?

  • My php is sooooooo rusty, can someone DM me a hint for this one please?

  • Finally got it. PM for hints.
    Please write what you have done so far.

    Hack The Box

  • What a great challenge! I highly recommend this one (:

  • I think I found an attack vector. Can anyone confirm if using a GBK related exploit is the way to a solution or am I going down a rabbithole?

  • Anyone up for help? Have spent almost 5 hours now. Even a little hint would be appreciated. pls DM !

  • Can someone DM me for a hint?

  • Stuck here, any hints?

  • Could I have a small little nudge as well? I can send you what I've tried already

    Hack The Box

  • Could someone give me a nudge on this one!? I imagine what the attack vector is, but can't bypass it

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    Ah ah I finally got it!!!!!!
    My little advice, really take the time to run your own docker container and check what's it happening using error_log().

    Little hint... You'll need a few USD to solve it :)
    Pretty nice challenge but took me a good day to solve it. Now time for the Weather App.

  • Hi there, I see the vector and have info(), php string is solution, but stuck in get flag. Any hint about that?
  • Oh hi, I have resolved that 😂 I was so dump. PHP string is the key ✌
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    any Hints ?
    I think that there is something about addslashes :disappointed:
    OH 😂 , I did it :wink:
    Nice Challenge Dude

  • I did it with a little nudge of @cdt. If anyone wants a nudge hit me up!

    Hack The Box

  • Will anyone please give me i hint about getting initial access to this box Thanks

  • Finally got this one. Hint to others: To actually exploit I needed to look into some interesting behavior (not well documented) PHP has with executing functions when all you control is variable expansion.

  • Got it! Thanks for a cool challenge ! I am curious how other people exploited it, as I think there's several ways to do it (using the same vuln).

    If you need a hint, DM me with what you have tried and I will provide a nudge :smile:

  • A little nudge for those who are not familiar with PHP, there is something in common with other scripting languages (e.g Bash), related to string parsing.

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  • i found the vulnerability , but i cant exploit it , i think there are some filtering. can anyone give a little hint.

  • The worst challenge ever and too boring cuz of php.

  • I've got the info, but really struggling to go any further. Can I message someone please?

  • I put a lot of logging code to the source code to see what is happening in the background. I suspect two vulnerable functions. However, when I try injection using multi-byte characters my log messages become empty strings and the server does not break.
    If anyone can give me a nudge, I would be very thankful.

  • As someone with minimal PHP experience, this was quite the frustrating "easy" challenge. I finally figured it out but it wasn't a good looking solution by any means. I did learn a lot though!

  • Could anyone PM me a hint?

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