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  • I get this when trying to run file

    File "", line 4, in <module>
        from secret import flag, key
    ImportError: cannot import name 'flag' from 'secret' (/usr/local/lib/python3.8/dist-packages/secret/

    and that " " file is empty, idk what to do.

  • On the server there will be a file that contains the flag. We are of course not provided with the real file, so for testing locally you need to create your own in which you define the variables flag and key.


  • Fun challenge! Learned a lot of it :) Thanks @willwam845 !
    If someone needs a small nudge, feel free to send me a pm.


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    Thanks to @willwam845 for this challenge! Some patience is required and nope, the solution cannot just be lifted off somewhere. Adapting and understanding is key.

  • @ArtemisFY @zelensky Glad you enjoyed it! :smile:

    hello why are you here

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    Could somebody PM, I am getting really confused at this point with the challenge

  • @blacViking: Mee too...
    I already got very good and usefull hints from @ArtemisFY and @willwam845, but I still can't solve this challenge

    Hack The Box

    Hello friend. Hello friend? I am always happy to help you, but also expect clear information about what you have achieved so far. Together we will raise the flag!
    Remember: Giving respect is a matter of honor

  • Could I PM someone for a hint? I'm still stuck on this challenge and don't know how to progress further.

    If what I said helped you you can always send some respects ^^

  • Creative challenge! Took me as long to get the socket methods correct, as it did to analyze the crypto, lol.

    This is basically a well-known crypto vulnerability, with a fun little twist.

    Feel free to PM for hints...

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