Is VIP much more stable than non-VIP ?

I have a lot of problems, loosing connection to the machine I have gained access to. What if I buy the VIP, will I have a much more stable connection to the machines ?


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    Not really. If your connection problems are due to people overloading the box or resetting it often then yes it'll probably help to upgrade, but they're not 10x better in every area or anything.

    Also, listen to farbs. He has some very good points.

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  • I am not going to guarantee your performance issues will improve purely based on your current description, as there could be a number of different factors affecting your levels of connectivity. However, as someone who currently has VIP, I believe I may be able to provide some insight.

    I upgraded to VIP in order to have access to all retired machines; however, that being said, I definitely have found that latency and connectivity issues are far less severe on VIP servers than they are on free servers. As of late, I have had minimal (if any) issues doing my work on VIP servers.

    However, with all of this in mind, I personally would not upgrade to VIP if the only thing you care about is your connectivity. VIP offers so much more than pure performance gains, and if that is your only point of interest, then I'd suggest weighing the pros/cons of purchasing VIP and then paying that monthly flat rate purely to gain better performance.

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  • Thanks for your detailed reply :)

    What happens when a user reset a box ? Does it mean that the work I'm doing right now on a box, is reset to default settings, so I might have to start over again ?

  • @SpookiePower said:

    Thanks for your detailed reply :)

    What happens when a user reset a box ? Does it mean that the work I'm doing right now on a box, is reset to default settings, so I might have to start over again ?

    Resets mean a box is reset to it's default state. However, if you're in the shoutbox and have notifications turned on, you have 2 minutes to cancel a reset.


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  • I'm a non-VIP player. As I'm in Asia, I don't go for bloods because I'll be sleeping. On the flip side, when I'm active, the other side of GMT is sleeping. So, connectivity and latency are not issues for me, but frequent resets are, especially the easy boxes.

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  • I can understand that when a box is reset, it is going back to default settings, but how can this be bad for me, when i'm inside the box ?

  • it is bad for you because if you a reverse shell running, it will be reset so you must exploit the vulnerability again for come back to a new reverse shell ;)

  • Assume that:
    -You have an active ssh connection to your target
    -You also uploaded some files to the /tmp folder.
    -Made some changes to a config file somewhere.
    When the machine is reset, you loose everything.Your connection, your uploaded files and the changes you made to the config file.

    To understand if your connectivity issues are because of a reset keep a browser tab open on .
    Whenever a user resets a machine you ll get a pop up and 2 minutes later the machine will be reset.

    If your issues persist when there are no resets on the machine you are working on then it might be a case of the machine getting hammered by many people .
    This usually happens during 'peak' hours which are sometime in the evening or early night depending your timezone and the server you are connected to.

    Sometimes changing vpn server helps from us to eu and vice versa helps.
    Also i like to avoid new released machines for a couple of days untill things calm down

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