How do you download the VPN?

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So I'm super noob here, but do I go into a browser in kali linux and download from the Access module on the site? I know each access is user specific. But once I download the .ovpn file what do I do? Do I download it in kali linux? Or on windows host? I'm confused. I also downloaded it in the VM but I got an error in the terminal "Error opening configuration file: llDUNN.ovpn"

I see the instructions in the Access page, just don't know what to do with that file or where to download it to.



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  • use it in your attacking machine, I guess your kali
    run as: sudo openvpn llDUNN.ovpn


  • did you get a solution ,i have the same problem

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    did you get a solution ,i have the same problem

    which problem ?


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    I am also a noob but that part i allready found lol

    First you must have openvpn (if you have kali linux you allready have it)
    1-Please enter your account at
    2-At your left side there is a menu. Go to ACESS link
    3-There you got a link to download you ovpn file (download it)
    4-open a terminal at your OS (kali i suppose) and go to the directory where the file was saved (example ~Downloads)
    5-imagine that your file is cryp70nic.ovpn all you have to do is: openvpn cryp70nic.ovpn
    6-or "sudo openvpn cryp70nic.ovpn" (without the quotes please) if you are in an account that has no admin priveliges

    Also its better to verify if you are conected to the internet

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