• Rooted. This one was really solid -- 9/10. I've worked with git in the past, but this was a good refresher. Everything was very obvious when I turned my brain off and stopped delving too deep into it.

    I normally would give some hints, but I escalated directly from www-data to root for this one, so I'm not sure how useful the hints would be.

    Great box, regardless.

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  • Rooted. great box

  • Rooted the unconventional way (www-data to root). I know the path to get www-data, then user, then root, but I'd like to talk with someone about reversing R*****C********.*** as I want to learn a bit of it :)

    Otherwise great box, taught me a lot about git

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    For those working on the EXE file... you don't need to run this in Windows to get it. I thought that at first, and that's how I owned root...but I just validated in Kali and was able to get the same result... you just need to know what you're looking for.

    PM and I'll try to give hints as best I can, will respond when I can!

  • @n4sa @v0yager Which article was that?


  • @marlasthemage, pm me, I would rather not post it here as it may be a spoiler for people who haven't gotten to that part yet.


  • Great box, did do the "easy" route from www-data shell to root.

  • Owned directly as root, now need to figure out the correct path as user.

    OSCP | PMP

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    -im dumb and WAAAAAAAAY overthought this... make sure you enumerate the hell out of the gitlab page, even after shell


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    Rooted in intended way. Thanks to @daedalusx and @Kucharskov

    See the gitlab help.
    In the low priv shell: sometimes we don't need decode things. ;)

    Root 1: Try .learn .about .git.
    Root 2: R*******.**e is like solve a Reverse challenge of HTB. I finish it using a very know windows tool, but there are a similar in linux.

  • Rooted from www-data to root !!!!

    But wanna know the other way of rooting from www-data --> user --> root !!

    Anyone who have done in that method me !!

  • Rooted. Few different methods for root. 3 that i'm aware of. Only got one so going to keep trying for the others :smile:

  • Rooted. www -> user -> root. (through .exe)

    Could someone share ideas how to do with "www -> root" and "www -> user -> root" (without .exe)



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    Rooted, that was a funny little box :smiley:
    Got root through the "normal" path, got user before root. Someone could PM me about how to do it the other way? I'm quite curious because I found the initial foothold but didn't succeed in elevating.

    USER: Take care to the details and be sure to enumerate the full website (common wordlists are enough, don't waste your time) :wink:
    ROOT the normal way: Got it through my Flare VM and the exe, don't overthink this one and take a break sometimes :wink:

    PM if you need help :smile:

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  • Could use a nudge or two with exe analysis - have tried with st****, ob***** and rad**** - and have the feeling I am missing something obvious.


  • Finally rooted that box through www->user->root (R.C.xe)
    This was my first time reverse engineering, never used before, so big thanks to @daedalusx and @Nekrom for great hints without spoilers.


  • Anyone want to give me a nudge? I’ve got creds to Gitlab but I’m having a bit of trouble with the next step.
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    Can someone explain to me why I need to specify a password for g** p*** with the user w**-d***?

  • any one give me hint that how to execute shell after uploading and shell can be upload in snippet or project?

  • @UsmanParacha stuck in the same...

  • Rooted! I went the 'conventional' route through user and then root. Im interested to find out how to go directly from shell to root. I know it involves using s*** g** p***, and possibly leveraging h**ks but couldn't figure it out. If anyone could PM me to explain I'd appreciate it!

    Some tips:

    • Click on all the links you can find till you find something interesting.
    • Find a way to upload your own code, get shell
    • Enumerate gitlab some more!


    • Investigate the interesting file


    If I have been helpful, respect is always appreciated.

  • AklAkl
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    Got USER and ROOT [the hard way] :(

    I think solving that box depends on your knowledge of how gitlab works especially for the easy way which I couldn't complete. Anyone please PM me with their writeup of the commands they used to complete it directly from ww-*** to r*** using gi *** and h**ks?

    Just for learning how it could have been done directly.

  • Can anyone confirm that the www to root was patched? as it was an unconventional thing?

  • Rooted

    Very easy box including user and root.

  • Spoiler Removed

  • @D8ll0, yep I wasn't exactly sure how should I use g.. p... so instead I looked through r.c.exe and (with some help) found the credentials


  • @cspence10 said:

    Can anyone confirm that the www to root was patched? as it was an unconventional thing?

    Wait, it's been patched out?

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  • @clubby789 thats what ive heard. That that was never an intended way and that it was removed. Ive tried it multiple times and didnt get similar outputs

  • Type your comment> @elearning said:

    @D8ll0, yep I wasn't exactly sure how should I use g.. p... so instead I looked through r.c.exe and (with some help) found the credentials

    Actually, I rooted the box without the g.. p... method.
    So apparently, there are three methods to root the box :D

  • Finally rooted the box. I went the low-priv shell -> root route. My initial instincts told me this would work when I saw a certain thing, but I started to doubt it. I've used g** a lot, and still use it weekly, but researching it for this priv esc taught me something I didn't know about it.

    Great box @frey and @thek!

    DM if you need help with this method.


    Respect always welcome if I can help you:

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