• Type your comment> @ktlcatr said:

    I got user.txt and root.txt
    It's very instructive machine

    can you give hint me ?
    i found vhd file

  • @hackgineer said:
    finally got this one, with the help of the forum hinters ofcourse, so thank you all!!
    this was another great learning experience, with a few alternate solutions to go back and practice using tools on, so a big thanks to @L4mpje as well for making it!!

    hint plz what after finding vhd file?

  • Thanks @L4mpje, this was a nice box, certainly felt like a real world scenario.

    Just to add it can be done with kali only, you don't need a windows host to help. You just need to find the right tool(s) to use at each point.

  • hint root: The exploit for m*****g for me doesnt work, I took the hash and applied manual decrypt, only you have read and understand the code in python
    let me PM if you stuck

  • Type your comment> @ktlcatr said:

    I got user.txt and root.txt
    It's very instructive machine

    hint plz after listing all installed program in vhd> @JolIg0n said:

    I have got the user and I can connect to the machine and see the vulnerable application, I have found how to exploit that vulnerability but to run the exploit I need a session in meterpreter and this is where I am giving problems, from msfconsole if I convert the one I do with the ssh does not convert and I do not know what to do anymore, if I upload a back door to execute it from the session ssh does not connect me either, someone who can send me a private please do not know what I do not do well
    I also got the ruby file and I copied the file to my computer but it gives me an error when I pass the ruby command

    can you tell me vulnerable application in PM?

  • Type your comment> @Kwicster said:

    Just rooted. Running this root in a Windows VM or machine makes it pretty straightforward. Not actually sure if there is a way from a Linux box. No cracking needed fyi

    I mount vhd file and list all installed programs can you u give me next hint ? SA* file matter ?

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  • finally got root after a couple of rabbit holes. learned a lot doing this all in Kali. I'm curious to know if there was another way to get root. I really thought 1 of the rabbit holes was promising.

    Can anyone PM if they know?

  • Type your comment> @Blu3wolf said:

    Type your comment> @dajukeboxhero said:

    I am at a complete loss. I have access to the file i need to decrypt to get the admin info. i can see what i need to decrypt but the process is horrible. I've spend two full days trying different things and i can't get it to work. can somebody please help push me to the right direction because i've downloaded the program but it won't let me switch the files out and i have no way to decrypt it on kali even though i've been trying. any help would be appreciated.

    if you using Kali there 2 tools that can help you:
    1. Ha** ID
    2. J*** The R*****
    check your syntax maybe you got it wrong.
    in that Note Thanks to @L4mpje for great machine i learn some new stuff.
    it wasnt easy but after you understand it you will laugh how easy things can be !
    the answer for start attacking just in front of you after Nmap just read the all resaults !
    syntax syntax and again syntax......
    google + reading resualts will make your life easier !
    User : i got some help with the syntax and got it.

    Root : with the user you can see a lot just basic windows programs nothing else . (Hint)

    if you got stuck PM i will help.

    which basic program? SA*??

  • which basic program? SA*??

    is it basic program SA* ? its file.....the answer is inside the quote just take a step back and read it.....

  • unable to locate package libguestfs-tools . error need help in Bastion Machine

  • Got root

    User through windows, just because it's easy to mount .***

    No windows needed for root

  • Guys, After finding c*******.X** file, what's next?
    I have tried two scripts, but no luck!!!
    Any nudge will be highly appreciated!

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    I'm having script issues and getting a MAC error. I think I know what I am missing but I am receiving connection errors from the server.

    • Achieved root without using the script. Would appreciate any assistance on what caused the MAC error though.
  • Can anyone give me a hint about user about pass lenght, I'm cracking the password and already at 12 letters. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Finally done with it. Rooted in Parrot Sec . Lost a lot of time not using s** . And had to learn how to search in CMD.

  • Rooted! Really awesome box, and first attempt at Windows box. feel free to pm if you need a nudge!

  • great Box!! Learned allot. i was able to get user and root 100% using linux. never had to spin up a windows VM.

  • I have mounted those files in linux machine but can't find user.txt in the Desktop. Please help me


  • This box is awesome and amazing, learned lot of things about mounting remote drive to local filesystem.

    N3v3r Giv3Up, 3v3ry th!ng !s p0ss!ble .

  • @Azeroth, you won't find it there. There is another couple of steps before you get there.

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  • Scored root on Bastion. If anyone needs a nudge, PM me.

    Hint: Enumerate, Enumerate, enumerate.

    See which users are on the box, what is installed, and what is running. Go snooping from here.

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    This box has been more entertaining than I thought, thx so much @L4mpje

    • User hint: A proper enumeration should lead you to the right "path", but sometimes you can take the path

    • Root hint: Google is your best friend in these cases, being a simple box you don't have to get dizzy

    PM me in case you need some hints, GL&HF everyone !

  • This was my first box but damn it was fun and heist is hard imo.

  • User and Root get!

    Good variety of skills needed, the box is not overly complicated

    user: enumerate and explore, if you don't know what to do ask google what it possible
    root: good enumeration will get you the flag really fast, look for something unusual and again google about it

    pm me if you need help


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