Reversing Snake



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    Yeah, gotta agree with others on this one. A little frustrating in that the code initially leads you to think you may need more than you actually do for the password. That was the key for me to solving this one. Like others said, note the syntax of the flag as well, it was a bit different than other challenges.

  • Yeah, gotta agree with others on this one. The python code leads you to believe that you'll need more than you actually do to get the flag. That was the key to me for solving this one. Also, the flag was in a slightly different format from what I've seen elsewhere on the site.

  • Saw the answer within a few minutes of starting after changing the code to print out the value user input is compared with. Solved it a few hours later after trying every possible value as the password.

    Still not sure why the correct answer was what it was; seems rather arbitrary.

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  • why i got notice wrong flag.. after i get the password?

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