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    having issues on mouting .vhs files, it's seems like guestmount stays on "supermin: ext2: copying files from host filesystem"

    PM me, I think I can help

  • HI guys, Do you have any suggestions to watch walkthroughs on retired boxes which might help me on this machine??

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    Got root!!
    Thanks a lot for that script @0xNoOne <3

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  • Got a user :) This was really simple. I needed an hour or so to get user flag.
    And guys if you have problem with finding an app for vm files which shows up as very first google result when you ask google I'm surprise why you waste your time on system security portals ?? Seriously, I can't believe ppl asked for help with finding this app....
    Time for admin :)

  • Joined the party 2 days ago and was running around like a headless chicken as this was my first Windows machine ever. I was seriously trying to use EternalBlue and other atomic bombs, lol. But after reading all the nudges here, it became more clear what to do. +1 respect to @L4mpje , nice box! For those still stuck: Just read comments here and sleep one night over it, then you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.


  • Howdy all, this is my first real box to try. I completed another, with the help of a personal friend trying to "mentor" me if you will. He has become unavailable. I've done as much enumeration as I know how. Just hoping someone can DM, and help me through the steps, I'm not asking for exact answers. Just a helping hand, thank you!

  • Thank you @L4mpje, nice box.
    Thank you @hatsat32 for help.

  • owned root. awesome box. thanks @L4mpje !

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    Got root!!
    Thanks a lot for that script @0xNoOne <3

    No problem! Glad it helped! :)
    Script in question: secret link

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    ROOTED without Windows VM

    I loved this box! Thanks @L4mpje

    If anyone need help just ping me


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    rooted, thanks @kmahyyg. I did this all in Kali for what it's worth. I would be interested in knowing how to decrypt using Windows though.

  • User and Root complete, nice target definitely learned things that I hadn't ran into before. Did almost all in Kali, just final decrypt in windows.

    PM if you need a nudge

    Hack The Box

  • I got user and root in Kali, but I would be interested in knowing how to decrypt using Windows.

    PM if you need a nudge.

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    Rooted w/o using Windows. I don't believe Windows is needed for root at all - it could make things easier with user and the S** service as it's native, but googling for "kali mounting (file type) over (protocol)" works very well.
    I also learned a lot about a certain 3-letter file on Windows. All in all very satisfied.
    Feel free to PM for a nudge!

    Hack The Box

    GitHub repository with writeups:

  • Rooted
    hint for user; what can yo do with an offline System32 folder
    hint for Administrator; enumerate installed programs

    PM for help

  • Done and dusted. Nice box.
    HINT : Up the Mountain I went...which was easy. Then starring into the remote, looking for a place to sleep, I found a crypt. And all was good.

  • Got a root :) Bastion was 3rd machine I owned both user and root but it was the easiest one...definitely. I rarely checked this thread or tried to get help while pwning this machine. I needed few hours to get user as well as root while I spent a week owning SwagShop ;) I hope it's because I learned something already :)
    TIP for root: not everything is visible

  • Got user and root, thank you for the nudge @nobrainer and thanks for the awesome and practical challenege @L4mpje .

    PM if you need a nudge.

  • Got root! Very funny box even with windows software.
    Other hint for root: Not all is in Program Files :)
    PM me if you wanna help. Regards!

    If you need help with something, PM me how far you've got already and what you've tried. I won't respond to profile comments. And remember to +respect me if I helped you <3

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    Thank you @L4mpje for the nice box.
    And thank you @0xNoOne for the nice script.

  • Got root !! I am really just starting in CTFs and it was a good box. Learned about smb enumeration. And vhd files and the password hash cracking for the special application ;D

  • Can someone PM me? I'm officially stuck and am not sure on how to proceed. I've mounted the v** files and have looked in all the usual places for creds, but so far haven't found any. I've been using tools to comb through beehives yet nothing juicy has appeared.


  • Hi everybody, well Finally I get VHD files, but I can't find any clue about it, I need some push to finish, may someone help me?

  • Finally root! Thx for all your help, your hints in this thread guide us for the correct path ^_^ It has been my first machine, I'm so proud and happy!!!

  • Ok, got the box finally using Kali only. Not many rabbit holes here, guess I walked into all of them.
    Besides this thread, which was really helpful, special thanks to @S7uXN37 for the pushes in the right direction :) Sometimes I will even understand Windows a bit...
  • Hi guys, this is my second machine and I want to know whether I'm still on track. Can anyone PM me?

  • @luixtao Thanks for the help

  • Rooted! Really fun box, I'm working on bettering my understanding of Windows machines and this was really informative. Learned a TON from getting user, especially ways to avoid having to use a windows VM :) I'm grateful it was something modern as well. Thanks @L4mpje! PM me if you need any hints or nudges

  • Rooted! very nice box. and interesting in the setup and methods used to root it.
    Took a bit of playing around with. Software is the key

    Hack The Box

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