Why learning how to Hack?

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Hi guys,

I would really appreciate if you can share in the comment section your main motivations on: why do you want to improve your hacking skills?

Many thanks.



  • Hi,
    Having deep understanding of hacking techniques is a great advantage as a cybersecurity engineer and it's sexy.

  • to pass the time

  • I used to learn java development, but I don't want to work on it. When I started playing ctf, I was willing to spend time on it.

  • money . Although I haven't got the bug bounty yet

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    I am more willing to learn hack than to spend time on learn development.I don't like to go to work, I think it is possible to make money and study at home.

  • But I now find that hackers are a group of people who know more about technology than development. ^_^

  • Every time that I see something that I like I wonder what can I do to break it or make it work in a different way. I guess hacking it is just a expansion of this mindset hehe

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