Can't connect to any machines in browser even though ovpn is set up

new to this and I can't seem to connect to any machines in browser even though I have my ovpn set up and running. I'm using Kali Linux in a vm if that helps.


  • @Ecstasyy please try to ping any of the IPs in the machine section and if you receive back packets then you can start nmap to scan the machine you want to start with. If this doesn't help you than you re-download your connection pack and try again and if this doesn't help again, reinstall your kali VM.

    Hope I helped
    good luck

  • Do you have a nat connection in the VM?

    If you do ifconfig is your ip in the same range as your host pc
    example: kaliVM and host pc

    If not change the VM Box internet settings in VMware or Virtualbox

    If you do it this way you can setup a proxy in burp and a proxy in your host pc browser to go to burp, that way you can reach the servers through your main PC. Personally I find this method easier than using the VM's Browser

  • Hi there...Can you please try to help me out with this??...ok...i figured out how to connect to the HTB VPN through a proxy and sorted the connection issue by amending the actual .ovpn file by adding the proxy info ; So basically now I CAN connect to my account and check that I AM ACTUALLY CONNECTED TO THE HACKTHEBOX VPN network and I can also ping the to the machines on the terminal; however i just still cannot access any machine!!! I mean when I type the IP address (of the HTB machine) on the browser I get an ''access denied'' from the proxy I am using getting frustrating....and I can't relly get across anything useful on the web on how to sort out this issue....
    ny sort of info that could point me to the right direction would be appreciated
    thanks a lot

  • I can relate, happened to me couple of times. Killing the process did the job (pkill openvpn).

  • Hi everyone,

    I got resolve this issue, in my case i add "tun-mtu 1300" in my file.ovpn file without quotes .
    my router does not support higher mtu & i need to make that lower, your case might be different.

    gud Luck :)

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